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Googlism comments

dOcKeRs is let off
dOcKeRs is the best
dOcKeRs is led by the tgwu general secretary
dOcKeRs is the best place to shop for khaki pants
dOcKeRs is the premier khaki brand in the us
dOcKeRs is registered by cat
dOcKeRs is simply not legal
dOcKeRs is a must
dOcKeRs is something you must see to fully understand
dOcKeRs is as remote as ancient history
dOcKeRs is a victory for all organised workers in europe
dOcKeRs is accelerating
dOcKeRs is quality constructed with genuine full grain leather
dOcKeRs is quality made with soft genuine full grain leather in a feather edge construction
dOcKeRs is going the wicking route with its versatile pant
dOcKeRs is trying to stretch the brand down to reach the market aged 25 to 34
dOcKeRs is bringing out a new line of pleated casual slacks for men who
dOcKeRs is situated in a beautiful park
dOcKeRs is set to unveil a new line of pants specifically designed to address this concern
dOcKeRs is offered here
dOcKeRs is coming out with trousers featuring a special lining
dOcKeRs is the longest running aussie rules rivalry in the united states
dOcKeRs is their form at home
dOcKeRs is being broken
dOcKeRs is the name synomynous with khakis
dOcKeRs is a game against one of the founder of the aussie rules tradition
dOcKeRs is that sensitive to the needs of its male customers
dOcKeRs is brining out a new line of pants that feature "invisible" stowaway pockets that are meant to conceal
dOcKeRs is the original
dOcKeRs is available in over 50 select stores across these cities
dOcKeRs is renowned for the strength of its surveys ? the last one was issued in 1997 ? this is the first time brother
dOcKeRs is simply that of all dock workers around the world
dOcKeRs is excited to be part of this important step that is revolutionizing the business of tv advertising
dOcKeRs is one of several brands that are being woven into the content of various episodes of "the best damn sports show period
dOcKeRs is widespread
dOcKeRs is back with its second style targeted at handheld computer users
dOcKeRs is a victory for all organised workers in europe"
dOcKeRs is available for men and women as well
dOcKeRs is to start negotiating with the players that we have and have it settled before the of the season
dOcKeRs is going to be in the midfield
dOcKeRs is a powerful brand and one that we are delighted to add to our portfolio of quality brands
dOcKeRs is planning teflon shirts
dOcKeRs is not a "jimmy mcgovern project
dOcKeRs is lost
dOcKeRs is increasing with a growing number of disputes between docker unions and port employers often
dOcKeRs is improper and contrary to the spirit he is trying
dOcKeRs is the injury blows to forward clive waterhouse and rookie luke webster
dOcKeRs is based on the personal experiences of the dOcKeRs and their wives
dOcKeRs is closed on tuesdays for private parties
dOcKeRs is working to make shorts more flattering and fashionable
dOcKeRs is effectively showing that “there is no place to hide”
dOcKeRs is partnering with compaq and motorola to produce ads that show real road warriors wearing the special pants and featuring computerized x
dOcKeRs is currently available in 50 outlets across 18 cities
dOcKeRs is the premier khaki brand in the us and is renowned the world over for its unmatched comfort
dOcKeRs is published by mercat press at £8
dOcKeRs is free
dOcKeRs is dat ze al
dOcKeRs is being heard loud and clear in san francsico
dOcKeRs is andrew hill
dOcKeRs is aiming to reach 15
dOcKeRs is one feature that has been considered by this tribunal in the past and of course it
dOcKeRs is celebrating its looth anniversary
dOcKeRs is relying on tv as its advertising media; it attracts 98 percent of their mass target audience and 80 percent of their female audience
dOcKeRs is legally counted as a ‘secondary action’
dOcKeRs is set to unveil a new line of pants specifically designed to address this problem
dOcKeRs is 5 star in my opinion
dOcKeRs is a standard
dOcKeRs is doing their part
dOcKeRs is a place for the carefree people who want to spend sometime away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life
dOcKeRs is inmiddels de populairste casual broek van duizenden mannen
dOcKeRs is a boisterous recreation of working class life in belfast's famed sailortown district
dOcKeRs is one of
dOcKeRs is the outstanding recent example of this
dOcKeRs is coming out with a new style of dOcKeRs pants that is specially made for palmpilots
dOcKeRs is hardselling mobile pants
dOcKeRs is because your
dOcKeRs is like shooting fish in a barrel
dOcKeRs is near co
dOcKeRs is coming out with a "casual friday" version of the pants that has a protective cup built into the crotch
dOcKeRs is another stage in the degeneration of
dOcKeRs is a trendy quayside spot east of city center
dOcKeRs is one of the country’s leaders in casual businesswear with a selection of

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