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Googlism comments

dds is the leading systems and software provider to the
dds is?
dds is one of chicago
dds is a loma linda university trained general
dds is a general dentist offering general
dds is one of miami
dds is very proud to present its first cosmetic line for dogs
dds is a
dds is definitief een provider
dds is uniek
dds is used to store information about the organization of the data set and its variables
dds is a textual description of the variables and their names and types that compose the entire data set
dds is geen 2de hands tv
dds is especially valuable for relational design and illustrating associations between entities
dds is the metropolitan dds
dds is a at90s1200 running on +5volts supply voltage and being clocked by a temperature compensated 13mhz crystal
dds is unclear due to increased competition and end user uncertainty concerning manufacturer commitment to dds technology
dds is a pc?based
dds is the premier organization for dave matthews band & dave + tim shows
dds is certified and licensed by clia
dds is geen liefdadigheidsinstelling
dds is een bedrijf
dds is the agency through which the state of california provides services and supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities
dds is providing e
dds is an internationally renowned teacher
dds is specifically designed for use in wireless communications equipment
dds is provided by the nus library to support the teaching and research programmes of the university
dds is planning to open a locked community facility in yuba city about 30 miles north of sacramento for about 55 developmentally disabled
dds is recruiting employees to work at the locked community facility scheduled to open in northern california early next year for developmentally disabled
dds is a point
dds is responsible for obtaining any additional information that is necessary
dds is developing the medical evidence
dds is shot to the body
dds is asking for > the
dds is that port "a" and "b" connect in the pressure line anywhere between the actuator and the valve
dds is built each time the device is configured
dds is not responsible for any overdue or recall fines that might occur when materials are left with the dds office to mail
dds is also offered to non
dds is better
dds is specified by defining a set of classes representing the
dds is a tape backup format developed in 1989 specifically for storing electronic data
dds is not affiliated with scribner
dds is a technology leader in updating finite element models using static or dynamic reference test data
dds is the syntactic metadata for a data set
dds is given by the number of bits in the phase increment and phase accumulator
dds is the common access and delivery mechanism for the nima libraries
dds is eind oktober 1995 onstaan met als doel het geven van een reden aan mensen om te gaan schrijven
dds is the only danish scout organization that does not require religion to be a part of scouting
dds is a data storage format which was developed by hewlett
dds is the ability to record data with a drive from one manufacturer and read it back with a drive from a different
dds is used as a programmable divider
dds is
dds is a self
dds is te vinden via help
dds is located in building delphion iii at the 3rd floor
dds is responsible for receiving
dds is maintained at half of the driver pressure
dds is a medium
dds is a 4
dds is easy to install and easy to run
dds is a graduate of the university of colorado's school of dentistry
dds is a data storage format which was developed from dat
dds is the largest public freenet in the netherlands
dds is offered at an competitive price enabling post
dds is an industry leader in providing integrated information management solutions to the automotive
dds is a viable product
dds is excited about our collaborative relationship with novartis on developing their pipeline of inhalation products that will be delivered via metered
dds is located in seelye b3
dds is certified "error free"
dds is a data storage format that was developed by hewlett

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