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Googlism comments

diemos is covered with craters
diemos is a tiny 12 km
diemos is almost exactly where mars is; diemos goes
diemos is dark
diemos is 14540 miles
diemos is smaller than phobos and is nine km long and seven km wide
diemos is a jagged
diemos is the smaller of the two moons and it's diameter is 10 km
diemos is the second hardest person in the game
diemos is dead
diemos is considered the outer planet
diemos is also an unusual shaped moon like phobos there is not that much to say except that it orbits mars every 31 hours
diemos is only 7
diemos is the smallest cataloged satellite in the solar system
diemos is also much too close
diemos is running her two puppets and using them effectively
diemos is covered by

Nickname diemos

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