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Googlism comments

djw is able to offer information about possibilities for cooperation
djw is a member of iaapa and tea
djw is an institute based for debaters between their sophomore and junior year in high school
djw is considered as a reference website for all the djs of the world
djw is a compile
djw is able to provide a worldwide service
djw is an audio visual and multimedia systems integrator
djw is here and we start kissing
djw is trading at a 13% premium to nta
djw is available on line as a
djw is grateful to nsf for provision of grant ear 9909266
djw is seen in one of the worst 'colour schemes' of recent years
djw is seed from the collection of society members dj waldie and items denoted by jlh come from john henshaw
djw is cur
djw is semisimple
djw is visible from
djw is this the stick to calculate the speed of the wind?
djw is provablefrom the equations of \gamma
djw is recognised as one of the
djw is
djw is a horrid thing
djw is perceptive
djw is ample for any closed subvariety w
djw is a consolidated appeal by 10 of those defendants

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