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Googlism comments

dobby is thinking clothes is bestest part of being free
dobby is liking to be with winky
dobby is very surprised
dobby is out of touch of old friends "bad dobby
dobby is pleased you are here
dobby is a kind of sock magnet
dobby is particularly fond of socks and has begun using his
dobby is the first house
dobby is so ugly
dobby is supposed to be ugly but i just didn't picture him the way he is in the movie
dobby is happy
dobby is to jk rowling
dobby is so cute and harry looks awesome
dobby is the faithful reproduction of the pattern development process
dobby is a cad/cam system for dobby fabric manufacturers
dobby is ready to go
dobby is a miniature version of other members of the avl computer dobby family
dobby is described in canon as having large
dobby is used to death threats
dobby is niet zo slecht
dobby is been callin mr
dobby is my favorite person
dobby is helping you
dobby is made of ash hardwood and is finished with a double coat of semi gloss laquer
dobby is very funny
dobby is 8 months
dobby is going to be one of those "likeable" characters
dobby is a good
dobby is very sorry
dobby is way coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
dobby is my favourite character as well
dobby is a mechanical attachment on a loom
dobby is the greatest thing ever i love dobby
dobby is cool
dobby is his escaped house elf
dobby is usually quite shy and quiet
dobby is about to let a secret slip to harry he starts banging his head on the wall or with anything he can find around him screaming
dobby is free
dobby is so keen to prevent the young gryffindor from returning to the school for witches and wizards
dobby is the result of the research
dobby is de huis elf van harry geworden en heeft hem een andere naam gegeven
dobby is the forerunner of a what is warp selection? to produce plain crossed
dobby is kind'a scared
dobby is wanting to warn people
dobby is a house
dobby is a house elf
dobby is always having to punish himself for something
dobby is freed by harry's
dobby is overjoyed
dobby is a house elf who visits harry in the second book
dobby is freed
dobby is thinking you is in the wrong book
dobby is a new character
dobby is a very spirtual person
dobby is needed every day and evey body is helping in placing the smel scent
dobby is clearly upset about something he has to tell harry
dobby is frantically pointing back
dobby is named after the attachment used on the loom to create the geometric design and offers a charming style for curtains
dobby is compared to jar jar binks
dobby is an annoying creature
dobby is pleased to meet you sir/miss
dobby is forever hitting himself when
dobby is just one of a number of new faces to have joined the cast
dobby is sooo ugly
dobby is much more charming than jar jar binks
dobby is a device that i use to set the pattern that i am weaving
dobby is a member of a class that is kinda
dobby is an archaic word for a goblin or brownie
dobby is the mechanism that enables a loom to weave small figures or patterns into the
dobby is de
dobby is providing a set of tattoos 2nd prize
dobby is trying to convince harry not to go to hogwarts
dobby is forever hitting himself when he's
dobby is not able to talk long
dobby is not wanting to
dobby is still treated like that
dobby is released
dobby is available in top mounting
dobby is more like a cartoon
dobby is much cuter
dobby is a brownie who cannot do anything right
dobby is an ironic character
dobby is
dobby is set free by harry from mr
dobby is not wanting head slammed in cabinet again
dobby is my personal favourite character from all four books

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