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Googlism comments

doodle is a doodlin' in '97
doodle is worth a thousand pundits
doodle is one handsome guy
doodle is magnadoodle by patch3boys
doodle is for everyone
doodle is post a comment name
doodle is more than great
doodle is a compact paint application for the palm/usrobotics/3com pilot
doodle is as easy as choosing one of these online stores
doodle is and is not
doodle is a hand full
doodle is america's symbol of national pride
doodle is a preprocessor for the pic program
doodle is hosted on keenspot
doodle is without a doubt the most versatile and effective lure you can fish
doodle is montana's premiere web site hosting company
doodle is now offering high
doodle is a descriptive language to produce origami
doodle is a command line system written in ansi c++
doodle is produced by a division of interlight studios
doodle is both national and international distribution
doodle is rare
doodle is one
doodle is a visual language to query object oriented databases
doodle is the first language to be proposed for querying object
doodle is now their paean
doodle is a new product for bird cage and accessory cleaning
doodle is a miniaturized classic
doodle is a great vehicle to stir up a kid's imagination
doodle is a short program that demonstrates some of the capabilities of even an inexpensive light pen
doodle is now a purrrrrrroud memfur of claw
doodle is nominated for the dolls of excellence awards
doodle is a serious ozark creek run
doodle is 1 blocks down on the right
doodle is a unique approach to the traditional art class
doodle is created and produced by fly by night productions
doodle is reading mad magazine with her butt
doodle is an energetic ball of fuzz
doodle is a wonderful toy that allows children
doodle is basically a magnetic drawing board
doodle is introduced in this episode
doodle is often quoted as saying
doodle is such a piece
doodle is taken from the doodlepad example in exploring java
doodle is one of the ten worst drawn strips of all time
doodle is about a million times better than any doodle i've ever done
doodle is
doodle is sent to the oaa facilitator
doodle is of the required size
doodle is signed and dated by bob staake
doodle is the secret to the universe
doodle is fun
doodle is an adorable boy who just loved the toys when we got them out to take pictures
doodle is an easy to use sketchpad that allows users to name
doodle is not a simple task
doodle is my pet poodle he spends his days at poolside and he likes his biscuit streudel say hello to doodle let's be courteous now doodle don
doodle is of a boy named greg westbrook
doodle is scribed as a 3/4
doodle is stone's littermate out of a litter sired by nigel
doodle is the only comic strip on the web that has managed to make me laugh so hard i spewed coffee all over my computer and managed to make me cry
doodle is a learning
doodle is great
doodle is archived for 12 months in its entirety online
doodle is the tune
doodle is a
doodle is not symphonic music
doodle is one of the best things you can do for your family
doodle is not as autobiographical as he claims
doodle is an overwriting
doodle is the tune that we all delight in
doodle is a kind of intro for "nothing else matters"
doodle is an enjoyable but weak animated feature from don bluth
doodle is the interior of this bar/restaurant
doodle is one one the best skinners/artists around
doodle is an easy to use sketchpad that allows users to name and categorize sketchs
doodle is actually a beloved book owned by edmond
doodle is read by terry wale with exactly the right amount of irony and pathos kim bunce sunday june 2
doodle is an ensemble piece full of verve and a punster's quick wit
doodle is a declarative rule
doodle is a part of the family; doodle begins to crawl and talk constantly
doodle is believed to have lived before the first census was taken in 1790
doodle is in the house doodle
doodle is a full brother to dipper duffy
doodle is a mountain of 40
doodle is to scribble
doodle is really me

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