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Googlism comments

dpro is consistent with the objectives of acquisition reform
dpro is for the advertising designer who wants to turn out a lot of sophisticated one or two page display ads or flyers with a minimum of time or effort
dpro is limited to 60 o +/
dpro is gespecialiseerd in dermatologie
dpro is an interaction term and is equal to d multiplied by pro; and dprol is the interaction term lagged one period
dpro is an extension of the procuring activity located at the site of the contractor
dpro is an extension of the procuring ac
dpro is represented on the ibr
dpro is and how
dpro is amended from "evaluation" to "evolution"
dpro is the effective dielectric constant deep inside the macro
dpro is the effective dielectric constant of the macro
dpro is currently forecasting that the next two aircraft
dpro is a crude estimate
dpro is advisable but should be a coordinated dcmd decision
dpro is the anaphoric variable contributed by the demonstrative pronoun "this"

Nickname dpro

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