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Googlism comments

dud is a very large
dud is a poisonous presence
dud is determined to be unrepairable
dud is a dud is a dud
dud is present
dud is connected to the following things
dud is connected to because
dud is people who think they're really clever for criticising jatp for having product placement when it's supposed to be against that
dud is guys who have a selection of baseball caps with some only meant for special occasions
dud is a disk uploading/downloading utility
dud is the output of the dead time compensator
dud is in a or b
dud is the first appearance on cd of the lp the pianist cut for decca in the mid
dud is one of three unexploded bombs kept at the prefectural government headquarters
dud is back
dud is gone
dud is its new computer system
dud is about 13 years old
dud is gona meet me in vegas sometime today
dud is now cavorting on the moon
dud is to know who he is and what this band is about
dud is still alive and kickin
dud is an explosive device that has been fired but has
dud is given the honor
dud is someone who has severely underperformed and should by no means ever be confused with a bum
dud is scared into making a decision in both films? is dud in any real danger in either film?
dud is scared by imaginary ghosts in the dark
dud is assumed
dud is that your name you donīt even realize itīs way to late when otherīs sleeping tight in their bed sheīs getting up and heading out
dud is just an awesome pet
dud is itself a dud
dud is a band that uses the internet for many things
dud is not a recommended method but is retained for backward compatibility
dud is convergeobj
dud is not very serious about his job
dud is a funny word
dud is not discouraged
dud is crucial to a tubes survival while in transit to our facility
dud is using globalshout pro
dud is a total doorknob who is also a total clutz
dud is particularly proud of his strawberry patch
dud is still bearish this week
dud is?
dud is introduced
dud is any message whose setting is unknown and which we try to get out on the assumption that it is on a known machine key
dud is frequently alluded to in the ?history of staffordshire
dud is little more than slow torture with a few minutes of t&a thrown in
dud is much easier to swallow if it's been marked down to $10 or less
dud is 0
dud is a leader in various community issues including conservation efforts on deer isle and brings vast leadership experience to the vietnam challenge staff
dud is facing and the potential problems for the future
dud is not only an expensive proposition
dud is an f
dud is probably the largest amount of money ever spent at one time by the whole world
dud is a collection of scripts for managing wget downloads over a dial
dud is
dud is of the undifferentiated sort
dud is the best it can offer in the highly competitive digicam market
dud is used
dud is removed and the first guinea pig is descending we can have the second guinea pig beginning her ascent
dud is the mercifully short ballad "love's lullaby
dud is a person with an active metagene who's power is useless
dud is baby waterburst
dud is investing the savings for that house deposit you want to make this year in the sharemarket
dud is a dud and potentially dangerous
dud is stupid too
dud is randomly decided each time you enter a level
dud is measured in fractions of a second
dud is actually working on her pilot's license
dud is the best result
dud is because the games are coming for it
dud is definitely "deep enough"
dud is married to a daughter of nancy
dud is the haunt of families with children and people from all walks of life
dud is "passion of a primitive"
dud is one huge millennium bug bomb
dud is a dud

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