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Googlism comments

dweeb is watching by jim freund click here to learn more
dweeb is eating fire
dweeb is an unsigned indie band from saint paul
dweeb is proportional to the amount of dislike that student has for dweeb
dweeb is a cgi
dweeb is a site i
dweeb is the term for someone who is all three of the other types
dweeb is someone new to air warrior
dweeb is the be
dweeb is starting to sweat
dweeb is one who flies on a majority of the scheduled nights or who otherwise strongly contributes to the character and reputation of the squadron
dweeb is we see everything in terms of our work
dweeb is
dweeb is the proud owner of a slightly used politburo microphone apparently bellowed into by brezhnev himself
dweeb is lost
dweeb is a person who is really clueless in a nerdy sort of way
dweeb is mopping your floor
dweeb is slang for an unattractive
dweeb is the neatest guy in the world
dweeb is gonna lecture you thru the whole ride
dweeb is serious
dweeb is my comic strip about a non
dweeb is the guy who started the band and whose bandmates are now giving the heave
dweeb is so proud of himself
dweeb is still a dweeb and a jock is still a jock
dweeb is going to be hosted at the wonderful vicarious
dweeb is where the goblin lives
dweeb is really green
dweeb is teased past the point of reason
dweeb is at his computer while his printer spews paper all over the floor
dweeb is not funny
dweeb is a big fan of typing in upper case
dweeb is currently vying for 'least intelligent poster'
dweeb is a male and weighs 131lbs to 160 lbs with a skill level of pro
dweeb is understanding your own dorkiness
dweeb is a cute
dweeb is on tv
dweeb is my herman
dweeb is far and away more successful then he is
dweeb is transformed into a
dweeb is the ability to quote from memory a number of monty python lines
dweeb is rewt@ppp1
dweeb is back stocking shelves
dweeb is sure to entice
dweeb is actually depositing
dweeb is going to start fighting with this outer wild one
dweeb is a pretty major character in our tale
dweeb is going to
dweeb is trying to make a name off of ripping yours truly
dweeb is one ugleeeee sob
dweeb is an assassin? he probably said that to make up
dweeb is younger than i am and they’re
dweeb is behind the typewriter
dweeb is better than me caus ei have no friends
dweeb is probably in radio room sending on channel 1 but thinking he's sending on channel 2
dweeb is on the other end of the icq
dweeb is an old british acting specialty
dweeb is the only jerk in the whole university to have class tomorrow
dweeb is that dweeb has no redeeming qualities
dweeb is flashing by your canopy for the 1st time?
dweeb is 1
dweeb is with reldayne <jarek> i escaped <jarek> let me spell it out for you
dweeb is even more annoying when he's asleep
dweeb is both a dolt and shunned by the mundane public
dweeb is damning me to hell if i don't forward their freaking e
dweeb is going to look up there and say
dweeb is grody to the max
dweeb is harold kunkle
dweeb is going to do an infoseek and end up with this
dweeb is left by his girlfriend and pulls out a joint
dweeb is thinking
dweeb is making me really giddy for freedom force
dweeb is pushing fifteen the magazine still proudly shows off its messy
dweeb is up to something

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