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Googlism comments

elfo is a elevator platform that is replacing
elfo is also certified anccp
elfo is also a dedicated software created to run with the elfo receiver that is usually connected with the two square antennas
elfo is now at medicina observatory to be carefully tested
elfo is intended for installation of sockets
elfo is the registered trade mark
elfo is collecting accident data at the intersection from city police and state patrol records
elfo is sending hertz to a
elfo is ranked 51 and has played for 17m in 14 days real name
elfo is truth
elfo is between us
elfo is a lawyer
elfo is the blaine police chief
elfo is cool
elfo is ranked 47 and has played for 48m in 30 days
elfo is that popular
elfo is* *since he is the agent of the gods

Nickname elfo

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