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Googlism comments

elton is moved by eminem's lyrics?
elton is a wanker
elton is the one
elton is proving he is sly as a fox
elton is first pop star to sing inside palace
elton is coming
elton is really
elton is a wanker and
elton is clearly the one
elton is approximately 1277
elton is known to have an enthusiastic capacity for shopping
elton is however
elton is a timeless place and vehicles from the 1930s to the 1980s may be seen
elton is like fine wine
elton is not only nominated
elton is a big fan of english football
elton is unfazed
elton is recording his forthcoming studio album with an all new band
elton is still masterful in exposing the absurdity of society
elton is an excellent basketball player and that he picked the best college ever to go to and thats why i like him so much
elton is a nomura professor of finance at the leonard n
elton is quite possibly one of the most successful comedic writers and stand
elton is married
elton is the vicar of highbury
elton is joined by roswell rudd and the mujician band
elton is on
elton is no stranger to success and his discography proves it
elton is on at the end of the day? 6
elton is for fags come join a real club
elton is in good voice and good spirits
elton is the backbone of stevens puppets
elton is considered in our circle to be the head singer a role he carried since our groups inception
elton is almost an honorary australian
elton is a 5 month old male lab mix
elton is board certified in pulmonary medicine
elton is a content guy at this point of his life
elton is a shopper
elton is just going through the motions
elton is very effective
elton is currently a member of the beauregard parish airport board were he serves as secretary
elton is a small town about 15 miles west of eunice in jeff davis parish
elton is a crafted perfectionist when it comes to mor
elton is to see so many here
elton is a lecturer at city university in london
elton is
elton is first seen in highbury church
elton is flamboyant and brooks is all about understatement
elton is a parish situated on the road from ludlow to wigmore
elton is available
elton is a
elton is the one to do that
elton is doing
elton is about to make a comeback
elton is born with a passionate and bold spirit where music is master and harmony becomes one voice
elton is honoured in america with a star on hollywood boulevard
elton is situated on the road between stockton and darlington
elton is a stand
elton is simply charming in his straw hat
elton is still great by ringorules
elton is mostly known for his scripts for the british tv
elton is in love with harriet smith and persuades harriet that this is indeed the case
elton is appearing for the first time before congress this thursday
elton is the most famous
elton is back
elton is also the author of
elton is a dedicated teacher who believes that this art form is accessible to everyone
elton is without doubt a very persuasive and plausible salesman
elton is a pretty village constructed of a warm
elton is estimated at 12
elton is widely credited with having rescued his local club from certain bankruptcy when he bought them in 1978
elton is the perfect choice to sing a tribute the dead princess
elton is very happy with them
elton is quite possibly one of the most successful comedy writers and stand
elton is carving a bas relief mask which will be left with the school
elton is smart and funny
elton is also very involved with it
elton is adapting phantom of the opera for the screen and says
elton is an author himself
elton is kind
elton is planning another tour with billy joel
elton is going to be married
elton is a class act
elton is writing the screenplay for the film version of the phantom of the opera
elton is a queeny gay man" is really old
elton is a moderate
elton is written from the heart with great candour and affection and with exclusive
elton is a past president of the chester pike rotary club and a member of the royal arcanum and is a
elton is wonderful and you will loved every minute of it
elton is second only to the beatles with most consecutive number one albums

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