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Googlism comments

exxon is good for the usa?
exxon is benen
exxon is battling to overturn a ban on infamous oil
exxon is still in business
exxon is good for the usa? leban%par6@cs
exxon is benen van
exxon is battling to overturn a ban on infamous oil tanker valdez by bill richards
exxon is petitioning the court to allow the very same vessel that in march of 1989 spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil in
exxon is busy drilling for more oil and polluting
exxon is accused of encouraging human rights abuses
exxon is also the lead firm in core venture 2
exxon is part of the oil industry
exxon is on left
exxon is exercising a fundamental right to appeal these damages
exxon is not an evil empire
exxon is sending a small army of lobbyists to washington
exxon is now taking the seattle seven to court
exxon is involved in business ventures in more than 100 countries globally
exxon is pursuing the invitation of a joint venture with iraq that new iraqi leader ali yahia announced yesterday at the
exxon is one of the leading oil producing companies in the world today
exxon is required within 12 months to divest its benicia refinery and california gasoline distribution system
exxon is geleidehond
exxon is presenting its "findings" in atlanta
exxon is earning $90
exxon is fun
exxon is also seeking a preliminary injunction
exxon is at it again
exxon is building larger convenience stores
exxon is pursuing government approval of a production
exxon is not a company that i
exxon is a machine that grinds its own way
exxon is appealing the $5 billion punitive damage verdict because the company believes it is unjust and unwarranted
exxon is
exxon is trying to improve the internal combustion engine
exxon is working on alternative energy sources
exxon is once again trying to make notorious corporate history
exxon is running fifteen
exxon is leading the oil industry's opposition to international climate change treaties that could ensure a secure future for our global
exxon is producing the samples for the dutch government study in which human volunteers will suck on soft pvc toys so their saliva can be analysed for
exxon is producing the samples for the dutch government study in which human volunteers will suck on soft pvc toys so their saliva can be analyzed for
exxon is getting let off the hook
exxon is in the process of selling the disputada de las condes mining company to south africa's anglo american for us$1
exxon is denying the link between fossil fuel
exxon is marketed as mobil
exxon is not the greatest company in the world
exxon is clearly the strongest and most well
exxon is committed to expanding its business presence in azerbaijan
exxon is pleased to continue its long
exxon is a key supporter of research and advertisements that try to cast doubt on the seriousness of global warming and its link to fossil fuel emissions
exxon is being criticized for never having reported a taxable profit since buying the mine in 1978
exxon is simply continuing a strategy it has followed throughout the '90s
exxon is always crowded even at 5 am when i am there
exxon is paying
exxon is entitled to a maritime lien under the federal maritime lien act and leaves that issue to be decided
exxon is the biggest not state owned oil and gas company in the world
exxon is a very
exxon is already a party
exxon is proposing to capture natural gas "condensate" from the field and pipe out up to 75
exxon is actively encouraging more countries to burn more oil
exxon is committed to providing high quality fuels
exxon is prepared to help solve your lubrication challenges
exxon is latest victim of bush?s intervention in judiciary
exxon is also accused of complicity in the murder
exxon is bigger than pakistan
exxon is so huge it must pay a huge award or it will not truly be punished for its behavior and may therefore repeat it
exxon is criticized for never reporting a taxable profit since buying the mine in 1978
exxon is mobilizing all available resources to mitigate the impact from this incident
exxon is so consistently recalcitrant that its almost
exxon is the very model of a corporate bad guy
exxon is opposing the lawsuit and rejects the accusations
exxon is planning a zinc
exxon is continuing to show its support of uh education to the tune of $92
exxon is a perfect example
exxon is the first oil company to receive the award
exxon is responsible for the cleanup of any petroleum or exxon
exxon is likely unfazed by the attacks that have become more strident in recent weeks
exxon is assisting citizens to express their opinions to their senators?
exxon is demanding 52
exxon is arguing that the jury's award
exxon is a "self service gas station with a full service attitude"
exxon is eligible for foreign tax credits against uk petroleum tax
exxon is particularly upset with the $5 billion in punitive damages because new evidence strongly suggests that some jurors were intimidated into voting for
exxon is aligned with the world's foremost developer of polyethylene technology
exxon is proud of their commitment of service to you
exxon is giving jason new knowledge such as how the petroleum and chemical industries are intertwined and how business
exxon is operated by chief executive officer lee raymond who was paid $3
exxon is headquartered in irving
exxon is making record profits importing opec oil while working americans are seeing their wallets shrink faster than rosie o'donnell's ratings
exxon is also a leading producer and manufacture of perto
exxon is wrong

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