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Googlism comments

fishbowl is now a recipient of thefiveaward graciously bestowed by hayden a
fishbowl is skinnable once again
fishbowl is a system of learning
fishbowl is growing
fishbowl is looking for your help
fishbowl is forbidden from speaking or making any sound
fishbowl is that you have several people representing side a talking together while those from side b
fishbowl is full of gold jul 17 '01
fishbowl is about three roommates who share an apartment in canada
fishbowl is a big ocean and from time to time a bucket of water is added and it gets lost
fishbowl is one thing which needs improving among many
fishbowl is the real world set in canada and with men only on the peripheral
fishbowl is an urban merger
fishbowl is what techtv staffers affectionately call the work area just off the tech live set
fishbowl is one of brighton's original pre
fishbowl is a gossip column that focuses on the community at king's
fishbowl is a fine first pet
fishbowl is a new medium
fishbowl is moved from the infinite corridor
fishbowl is the cluster i least frequently use
fishbowl is mlynowski's ambitious follow
fishbowl is the only company to combine data management
fishbowl is thrilled to be working with the following new clients
fishbowl is where we begin g
fishbowl is a nonconfrontational activity in which part of the group
fishbowl is an activity where only part of the group gets to talk at one time
fishbowl is like the lottery; your chances of winning are slim and your chances of winning big are close to non
fishbowl is a place to blog various nerdy links he happens to come across
fishbowl is a highly facilitated conversation between two or more groups based on facts rather than rhetoric
fishbowl is a small independently owned and operated local "city bar"
fishbowl is located at 3214 knox street
fishbowl is adapted from a humorous black and white illustration tha art
fishbowl is cracking
fishbowl is an invitation to drop your business card for a drawing for a free lunch
fishbowl is an activity in which a small group of students engage in a discussion of a primary or secondary source while the remainder of the
fishbowl is rarely granted a rock or plastic
fishbowl is an interactive group activity that is task
fishbowl is maintained by atms for student use and is scheduled on a first
fishbowl is a good and efficient place to keep your goldfish for meanwhile
fishbowl is easier to clean
fishbowl is the center's graphics lab
fishbowl is a special form of small group discussion
fishbowl is correct
fishbowl is bristling with sealife décor
fishbowl is to provide a place for older
fishbowl is literally a conversation/chairs among 6
fishbowl is instrumental in
fishbowl is arranged to avoid repetitive arguments from appearing and to expedite the discussion
fishbowl is to allow youth to discuss issues that are affecting their lives today
fishbowl is filled with blue water and green plants
fishbowl is back in action every saturday night
fishbowl is jammed packed
fishbowl is everything even the most fervent ed
fishbowl is still there
fishbowl is an area where the manatee can eat called the saladbar
fishbowl is not the usual restaurant as it is covered in hundreds of pieces of memorabilia
fishbowl is obviously the result of a severe hormonal imbalance
fishbowl is an invitation to drop your business card for a drawing for a free lunch for two
fishbowl is significant historically and culturally; it represents many of mit's great contributions to the world
fishbowl is
fishbowl is designed to provide users with the ability to stay with quickbooks for as long as they want
fishbowl is a type of discussion group where only some members participate
fishbowl is a beautiful turquoise/teal semi permanent hairdye
fishbowl is a funny and enjoyable book
fishbowl is the meeting
fishbowl is a discussion format in which a portion of the class forms a discussion circle and the remaining students form a listening circle around the
fishbowl is as crystal clear as ever
fishbowl is the product of `/dev/mind`
fishbowl is of our own devise and we shall struggle to make it as much of a comfort zone as possible; therefore
fishbowl is to use a flip chart that the players can't see
fishbowl is closed
fishbowl is a public access computing area on the ground floor of maxwell
fishbowl is to use a flip
fishbowl is a form of roundtable in which 2 or 3 speakers present a debate or discussion
fishbowl is a time
fishbowl is still here
fishbowl is actually a snow globe flipped upside down and then the bottom flattened with retouch push
fishbowl is an alternative to panel presentation
fishbowl is an ideal setting for the informal exchanges among students and faculty that have become an integral part of the fredonia mathematics experience
fishbowl is filled with 4 fun and friendly sea creatures
fishbowl is covered with crepe paper pieces
fishbowl is smmbl's older paint scheme
fishbowl is located on the first floor of ylvisaker library
fishbowl is feather light and
fishbowl is its use of three points of view to tell the story of the living situation
fishbowl is green
fishbowl is a place where all sorts of crazy things go on
fishbowl is now converted to automatic by use of a solinoid switch
fishbowl is back again with great news for its readers

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