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Googlism comments

flicker is now available
flicker is still in beta
flicker is still being beta
flicker is a loud wick wick wick wick or a squeaky flick
flicker is a very common bird
flicker is so strongly
flicker is a method for comparing images from different internet sources on your web browser
flicker is a java program for comparing two images
flicker is a brown
flicker is in *fact* the original amiga
flicker is the name of several species of woodpeckers that live in north america and south america
flicker is given the name colaptes auratus auratus while the red
flicker is a common and widespread woodpecker over much of north america although it is a relatively rare and local breeding bird in texas
flicker is coloptes auratus cafer
flicker is a generalist in many respects
flicker is a large brown woodpecker
flicker is not apparent beyond 70 hz
flicker is a gray
flicker is a bi
flicker is recorded on the flickermeter and
flicker is measured by using a "power analyser
flicker is a resource for media artists
flicker is a bird of open areas and forest edges wherever open ground is available
flicker is a film festival
flicker is that i’m never going to hold it in a theater and there will always be live music
flicker is that it's not just for polished
flicker is the persistence of the screen phosphors
flicker is very electronic in feel and does not have the sinusoidal feel of a brown out related to current fluctuations
flicker is the visual perception of on
flicker is either “drumming
flicker is the perception that the screen is being updated rather than displaying content continuously
flicker is most obvious when viewed from a distance
flicker is a resident of central alaska east to newfoundland
flicker is caused primarily
flicker is perceived
flicker is so rapid that it appears steady to the visual system
flicker is defined in engineering recommendation p28 as the 'impression of fluctuating luminance occurring when the supply to a electrically powered lighting
flicker is a medium
flicker is a woodpecker that is in transition
flicker is consistent with
flicker is eliminated by a very simple step
flicker is function of the number of motor starts per week
flicker is a west indian manatee
flicker is created by redrawing the background before letting an object redraw its foreground as in the back to front drawing algorithm known as the painter's
flicker is caused by large
flicker is to develop a “film community” by providing a venue for local
flicker is to eliminate all sources of flicker that aren't your fault
flicker is the change in brilliance of a lamp or lighting
flicker is more cautiously thoughtful
flicker is reduced
flicker is very eye
flicker is longer than others
flicker is simply to reduce the average luminance of the vdt
flicker is known as the "carpenter of the bird world" because it bores holes in trees and creates cavities for other birds to nest in
flicker is "a consummate professional" who has excelled throughout her career
flicker is due to the charge leaking away
flicker is the refresh rate
flicker is a large woodpecker
flicker is no big problem
flicker is at a much lower frequency than 60 hz and its rate is presumably determined by the mechanical resonant frequencies of the filament
flicker is stored in an eprom on the quad
flicker is more adapted to suburbs than to the larger cities
flicker is handled >by the display's __mhz and the browser
flicker is handled by >the display's __mhz and the browser
flicker is the most generally abundant and best known of all american woodpeckers
flicker is a fundamental
flicker is quite obvious
flicker is the animal totem associated with the strong sun moon
flicker is getting people in the screenings that have maybe never shot a film before
flicker is to promote local
flicker is the best kind of paranoid conspiracy story
flicker is still an open question
flicker is nice
flicker is not perceptible at frequencies of about 100 flashes per second
flicker is too fast to be visible
flicker is the perceived change in light output from a lamp
flicker is back from a long rest period and can annonce a autumn gig at the klubb clampers at snövit
flicker is caused by fluctuating loads such as electric arc furnaces
flicker is especially pronounced
flicker is moving picture images running at too slow a speed
flicker is caused by two things

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