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Googlism comments

flosse is expected in early january
flosse is calling on voters to rally behind jacques chirac to guarantee freedom
flosse is appealing a decision by the territory's administrative tribunal in a bid to keep pro
flosse is nonetheless being accused of mishandling the transport crisis
flosse is progressively pushing for something just short of it
flosse is working with colombani and pearl industry leaders in preparing the measures that the government will be presenting to the french polynesia assembly
flosse is pearl minister
flosse is reelected as president on may 18 with 29 votes against 13 for oscar temaru
flosse is the latest development with new caledonia's quest for greater autonomy from french rule
flosse is currently appealing convictions for abuse of office
flosse is to meet preussag executives
flosse is
flosse is expected to make in china
flosse is to be reelected as president on may 17
flosse is a real comedian; we don't understand him
flosse is far from the ?triumph? proclaimed by the french press
flosse is our war
flosse is a strong advocate of the project
flosse is da spar und der andere da billa

Nickname flosse

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