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Googlism comments

foff is not true then
foff is my abbreviation for friend of fellow
foff is nonnegative /* count forwards
foff is a non
foff is making the booking process in florida more user
foff is 400000
foff is only competent for the
foff is 400000 >
foff is set to be the current end of the existing file
foff is the offset into the record where the first field begins
foff is the file
foff is not necessarily involved
foff is an absolutely brilliant resource and to think its world wide is ever more satifying
foff is the offset into the
foff is
foff is professor of entomology at university of hawaii at manoa
foff is holding in casselberry
foff is the windows 98 se scandisk message
foff is the offset frequency from carrier frequency
foff is based on the peroneal artery
foff is your name mike
foff is 1337 haxor
foff is negligible

Nickname foff

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