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Googlism comments

garion is our oldest and most faithful player
garion is planning to build himself a new house
garion is an > immortal like belgarath is
garion is right about twins
garion is not a sendar
garion is irritated by the new amulet pol and belgarath gave him
garion is plucked from his farmstead home by the mysterious storyteller mister wolf
garion is a young farm boy
garion is traveling with his aunt pol and mr
garion is edgy and nervous about the inevitable meeting between him and torak
garion is on the side of the prophecy of light
garion is being raised by his aunt pol in sendar
garion is then stolen by the queen of nyissa to be used as her personal slave
garion is trying to prove that he isn'ta little boy any more and he tries to behave more like an adult
garion is wanted by a man named asharak he learns what happened to his parents
garion is actually human
garion is very confused
garion is the multiple
garion is in danger
garion is still a boy
garion is thrust into a world he does not at all understand
garion is being raised
garion is a born fighter of truth and justice
garion is sitting on the throne of riva
garion is born shortly after midnight
garion is referred to as belgarion
garion is retained captive
garion is thrown into a chain of events not to his liking
garion is special by this point in the story
garion is given advise by the voice in his head
garion is well on the way to being belgarion
garion is in deed the protagonist
garion is a four month old male who lives in logan
garion is none to comfortable in his roll as a hero either
garion is a completely standard demi
garion is either insane or just a fair op
garion is in the midst of discovering his magical heritage
garion is in for a
garion is joined by his entourage of friends and his magical family
garion is swept up in a strange adventure when the old man known as wolf leads him and his aunt pol from the farm where garion grew up
garion is available to tutor guitar i or guitar ii students during period 6
garion is a young boy living on a farm with his aunt pol
garion is raised to believe that he's just another average person
garion is the princess's official bodyguard when raiden isn't around
garion is the rice thrower meeeeooowpurrrr raiden chats looney and toole up
garion is so weird
garion is from the far
garion is a block of a man standing a full 6'10 in height and 420 pounds of muscle
garion is masterful
garion is
garion is a simple boy on a farm until a vagabond storyteller comes alongs and spirits him out of there along with his aunt pol and a
garion is human
garion is returned to his aunt and mister wolf heads off once more for the wide world
garion is gonna be the rivan king
garion is made first king of ghithor
garion is alive
garion is in #evoalls
garion is going to cut off my leg so i can wear madam kaprie's
garion is the son of lord tylon and lady miranda
garion is confused he's just a farmboy and aunt pol is just the cook why are they so impoertant?
garion is sent on a quest to kill the dark god torak by recovering aldur's orb and finding the young
garion is also known as the godslayer because he slew the evil god torak
garion is accompanied by his guardian polgara?
garion is a familiar name
garion is in oostenrijk geboren na een romance met een charmante weense dame
garion is mine
garion is rather nice ya know
garion is himself descended from the storyteller
garion is pursuing zandramas
garion is not who he thinks
garion is also a sad person
garion is funnier when he has no sleep
garion is of course attaching it to the living scroll
garion is born
garion is going to polgara's cottage; it doesn't take long to discover that ce'nedra is up to something
garion is on just about everybody's hit list
garion is right
garion is led on an adventure of unparalleled magic and danger to challenge the power of the evil god torak and help those beloved but unknown to
garion is a king
garion is of the cherek line and has the mark of the orb
garion is wrong
garion is a scullery boy who
garion is in the van? then
garion is the
garion is ranked 131 and has played for 1h59m in 14 days
garion is a tough out
garion is a young genius

Nickname garion

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