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Googlism comments

gayatri is the name of one of the most important vedic hymns consisting of twenty
gayatri is not recommended universally
gayatri is considered as the only way for removing the sorrows
gayatri is in fact the name applied to one of the most well known vedic hymn consisting of twenty
gayatri is the essence of all the vedas
gayatri is the mother of the vedas and gayatri redeems the chanter of the mantra
gayatri is combination of all of them
gayatri is a metre of the rig
gayatri is brahma
gayatri is annapurna
gayatri is a 24
gayatri is the gem of the bodhisacha
gayatri is the personified unity of the triumvirate divinity gayatri
gayatri is the mother of all vedic mantras
gayatri is savita
gayatri is one of the oldest mantric prayers humanity has ever had
gayatri is held in the highest esteem and all our sacred texts and books hold a unanimous
gayatri is one of the most potent mantras in the hindu religious tradition
gayatri is the presiding deity of the morning prayer and rules over the rigveda and the garhapatya fire
gayatri is een aloud waaklied
gayatri is an ancient vigil
gayatri is the goddess in hindu relegion
gayatri is the life and support of every true hindu
gayatri is a favourite because he loves "the rhythmic recitation of the mantra"
gayatri is a sanskrit word
gayatri is another name of shakti
gayatri is also the essence of vedas
gayatri is het metrum
gayatri is de moeder van de vedas en is de vernietiger van de zonde
gayatri is one of the most sacred mantrams from the rigveda
gayatri is making a comeback in hindu society
gayatri is the most sacred of all mantras and the core of vedic literature
gayatri is the name of a 20 hectares retreat in south
gayatri is available as a group venue for all groups of a good
gayatri is a mantra which inspires righteous wisdom
gayatri is meditation on spiritual light
gayatri is the fundamental veda mantra
gayatri is the source of all knowledge of indian culture and yagna
gayatri is also there and fully expanded with all vedic knowledge
gayatri is the summit of
gayatri is invoked as the source of the vedas and then the different worlds and the supreme divinity are located in the
gayatri is the mother of the vedas and is the destroyer of sins
gayatri is located a short walk from the world famous artist village of ubud in the mountains of bali
gayatri is a frequent presenter at the national guild of hypnotherapist’s rational conference and has lectured at the whole life and new life expos in new
gayatri is a designer whose clothes are stocked at ensemble in both its delhi and mumbai
gayatri is the most holy mantra
gayatri is the mother of the vedas and the destroyer of all sins
gayatri is the flagship company of the gayatri group
gayatri is sarvadevata swarupini and sarvamantra swarupini
gayatri is considered to be “mantra raja
gayatri is a mantra
gayatri is a sanskrit word ga means to sing
gayatri is a combination of two sanskrit words
gayatri is a mantra known as ajapa
gayatri is that which protects and fosters all life forms
gayatri is the most sacred of all vaidik mantras
gayatri is regarded as
gayatri is one of the oldest
gayatri is everything
gayatri is symbolized by the three folds of the sacred thread of a fixed length
gayatri is one of the oldest and most sacred mantras of india
gayatri is the mother of the vedas
gayatri is not
gayatri is more general in its petition than the core mantras of our sampradaya
gayatri is the metre
gayatri is kamdhenu
gayatri is a staunch worshipper of her "devi"
gayatri is considered vedasara
gayatri is the mother of universe
gayatri is the distinctive metre in which it is composed
gayatri is personified as a goddess
gayatri is ready to help you realize your own beautiful interiors and outdoor environs
gayatri is hailed as the mother of all mothers
gayatri is that prayer which protects the singer from
gayatri is always as close to paradise as possible
gayatri is proud to recommend four distinctive local ubud restaurants
gayatri is een van de hymnen van de rig
gayatri is said to be the mother of all truths of life and is as brilliant as the sun
gayatri is recited at these times
gayatri is justified
gayatri is said to be the oldest mantra on the planet and belongs to everyone
gayatri is the adi shakti
gayatri is a popular model who has appeared for products like 'three roses tea'
gayatri is the most sacred of all the vedic mantras

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