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Googlism comments

gofer is inmate
gofer is a small interpreter by mark jones supporting a language based on the haskell report version 1
gofer is not one language but many
gofer is a dialect of haskell developed for microcomputers by mark jones
gofer is intended as an experimental language
gofer is no longer under active development
gofer is certainly deserving of this honor
gofer is an interactive functional programming environment
gofer is based quite closely on the haskell programming language
gofer is still idle
gofer is a work trade volunteer
gofer is an interpreted functional programming language
gofer is still strongly and statically typed
gofer is used for writing specifications
gofer is a dialect of the functional language haskell
gofer is both the name of an interpreter and a language
gofer is an interactive
gofer is rather like using a high
gofer is not miranda
gofer is pretty easy
gofer is tucked back out of sight for use on call
gofer is commercial software
gofer is a subset of haskell
gofer is a higherorder
gofer is also based on a subset of haskell extended with constructor classes
gofer is also charge of setting up for eucharist on saturday night
gofer is a small
gofer is done in a project
gofer is someone who does things
gofer is a functional programming language and must therefore restrict expressions to executable ones
gofer is
gofer is no longer available with disktop
gofer is a device designed to provide a more efficient method for storing and transporting the tools and items needed to complete extravehicular activity
gofer is a device designed to provide a more efficient method for storing and transporting items needed during extravehicular activity
gofer is now available
gofer is based on leftmost outermost strategy
gofer is executable
gofer is a "resident" program
gofer is not for everyone
gofer is one of the dings that is a carry over from the older topper toys "robotron" days
gofer is an extension of tkgofer
gofer is an interactive functional programming environment supporting a
gofer is a good modern functional programming language for learning
gofer is an in
gofer is someone who goes fer this and goes fer that in hicksville
gofer is a good place to start
gofer is a special kind of url that is used to find information
gofer is unlike any language i'd ever seen before in that it's a functional language
gofer is installed on the unix
gofer is a quite useful program that permits you to search through masses of files rapidly
gofer is available here
gofer is an extended
gofer is our diving champion
gofer is a step above the general attending public
gofer is considering holding the land in order to drill itself
gofer is proud to offer two different types of tie rods
gofer is sent with limo to collect midler
gofer is not an internet search engine
gofer is provided as a postscript file in
gofer is slow because it does not use index files
gofer is whacked
gofer is an extension of
gofer is an important role at flower city work camp
gofer is a tsr program that copies text from one dos program and pastes it into another or a different part of the same
gofer is an
gofer is an earlier name for the hugs interpreter used this semester
gofer is better at finding them than i
gofer is another functional language whose number system is nowhere is good
gofer is myself
gofer is one who will gover your things
gofer is a variation of haskell
gofer is the do
gofer is such an ugly word
gofer is also a public domain language with a similar range of implementations
gofer is truly a sick little creature

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