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Googlism comments

harun is rarely individualistic
harun is a graduate of defence services command and staff college
harun is the hero of several of the stories of the "arabian nights
harun is the only family member that andrik keeps separate from
harun is equally excited with the prospects of a friendly rivalry between japan and the rest of asia
harun is puzzled to see both of them lying on a sofa and declares that he will offer one thousand gold coins to any who can say which of the two died first
harun is the field coordinator of the sherpur safe community
harun is currently working on updating the nasa funded study the cog produced
harun is technical lecturer in electrical dept
harun is a witty
harun is the hero of several of the stories of the arabian nights
harun is well known locally as an “aggressive” politician and today
harun is charged with
harun is handy for advice on fencing
harun is the author of the king of limbo
harun is right or not from the legal point of view
harun is fond of
harun is a worthwhile person
harun is confident that the players will shine in the gruelling 36
harun is referring to himself
harun is from the presence of mercy
harun is the vice president of saarc chamber of commerce and industry and president of the federation of bangladesh chamber of commerce and industry
harun is seen as the founding father who patiently encouraged and nurtured the selangor football squad into the force they have become today
harun is the name of a pious person during maryam’s time and maryam being similar to him
harun is executive director of the asian pga
harun is currently working on this project
harun is the chairman and mr
harun is a sports enthusiast who held various positions in the sports arena of the country including the presidency of bangladesh olympic association
harun is accompanied by his wife and leading a five
harun is my learned colleague at the bench
harun is a sometimes sheriff/scourge of washington
harun is not the only one to slip in the mud
harun is certainly a prominent feature of the landscape
harun is willing to do light housework
harun is the senior manager
harun is hard gegaan op midi
harun is de beste in computeren
harun is about to die
harun is the head of sales & marketing
harun is mostly associated with harun al
harun is our manager at the penang branch
harun is not only the hyatt regency’s first sommelier
harun is accompanied by his wife and leading a five member bangladesh delegation
harun is saying so i
harun is injury
harun is
harun is a young fashion designer who launched her name into sydney's trendy
harun is urging talks between the government and producers to devise transparent regulatory mechanisms for the unregulated
harun is warm and gentle; the blue is as deep as the eyes of 75
harun is not so keen of retracing the off
harun is to musa
harun is to musa;
harun is a turkish biologist
harun is portrayed as an associate and brother of musa who stands besides him before pharaoh
harun is examination 26
harun is moving from his position as senior vice president for major business and government to become president of tm mobile
harun is a former newspaper critic and professor
harun is one of the most prolific inventors
harun is as well as if in fact mary
harun is still in pengasih? dah lost contact jadi sekarang ni cuba nak menjejak kasih lah
harun is a prophet and not a
harun is mentioned by
harun is well
harun is the new secretary of the tc 3 with
harun is more eloquent than me in tongue
harun is currently undertaking a phd at umist supported by epsrc and the design council
harun is reported to have said
harun is a senior muhammadiyah leader highly active in promoting political islam worldwide
harun is more eloquent than me so send him with me to support me and
harun is said to have kept the letter and wept over it at intervals
harun is one of the offspring of the shi'ah
harun is left back in the tank
harun is writing you
harun is best described a mysterious figure even by the people who know him well
harun is described by hasan al
harun is ranked 363 and has played for 17m in 30 days real name
harun is wadih el hage's deputy
harun is preferred as heir

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