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Googlism comments

hmmmmmm is microsoft corupt?
hmmmmmm is been a very long years we didn't meet up since both of us leave for singapore
hmmmmmm is this really yours????? i have seen this exact picture on a tattoo site
hmmmmmm is hard to say just what i was thinking while doing this painting
hmmmmmm is temporarily disabled
hmmmmmm is not that ease to get in here
hmmmmmm is right <grin> ~listen
hmmmmmm is this a trick question?
hmmmmmm is dat zo
hmmmmmm is
hmmmmmm is all i gotta say
hmmmmmm is my picture workin
hmmmmmm is most like the color #12aa01
hmmmmmm is schon alt *gg*
hmmmmmm is spelt hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
hmmmmmm is the song "prekrasnoye daleko" by the gosti? is it a cover? or is it from a different group?
hmmmmmm is it hereditary?
hmmmmmm is short sightness a required
hmmmmmm is he talking to himself?????
hmmmmmm is he talking to himself????? the
hmmmmmm is your back yard safe?
hmmmmmm is 'to the point' the same as 'arsey'? *lol* oh whatever

Nickname hmmmmmm

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