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Googlism comments

ikki is the older brother of shun
ikki is most powerful
ikki is for a broiling hot bowl of ishiyaki yukke bibimba
ikki is a ruthless
ikki is a difficult character to grasp
ikki is a student at riverview junior high school
ikki is the phoenix bronze saint
ikki is uitgegleden in de douche toen hij dacht dat de douche het toilet was
ikki is verbijsterd dat hij heeft verloren
ikki is a young boy who is eager to fit in with the rest of his peers
ikki is the strongest of all the bronze saints by far
ikki is now the one who faces mime and is able to withstand most of his attacks
ikki is explaining that strangers should not be allowed in the home
ikki is an intelligent
ikki is free to pursue his own ideas
ikki is offered a new medabot in exchange for the disobedient metabee
ikki is a poor
ikki is a lively and easygoing boy
ikki is rapidly becoming the laughing stock of every medafighter in town
ikki is like your insurance
ikki is responsible for guarding the god cloths and gotten married
ikki is finally defeated
ikki is not perseus and so i dare to go alone to our meeting
ikki is laughing stock of every medafighter in town
ikki is smiling
ikki is de held van de serie
ikki is able to break the glass imprisoning metabee and he is free
ikki is reluctant
ikki is the keeper of the mushroom garden
ikki is a lively boy
ikki is rapidly becoming the laughing stock of every metafighter in town
ikki is dumbfounded by this vision
ikki is hit by an energy wave
ikki is running
ikki is a woman???
ikki is waiting for us
ikki is a bronze
ikki is a young boy who dreams of becoming the world's greatest medafighter
ikki is not one of my fave characters either
ikki is thrown in front of the thunder attack
ikki is fast becoming the laughing stock of every robobot in town
ikki is the commander
ikki is a well
ikki is very dangerous
ikki is saved by shaka and helps seiya against ares; the twelve hours are finished frammenti 1
ikki is a booger
ikki is grondig geupdate
ikki is ridiculously fastidious in his choice of food
ikki is long bodied
ikki is confident but still wary of challenges who want nothing more than to knock him off the list and secure their own ticket
ikki is looking seductively at shaka
ikki is finally earns enough money to buy a medabot named metabee
ikki is slowly walking around
ikki is very stubborn
ikki is the first man in history to obtain phoenix cloth
ikki is
ikki is lively
ikki is not expected to be captured
ikki is the eldest of the bronze saints
ikki is more potent than i thought
ikki is distraught and confesses to shaina that he thinks he is in love with shiryu
ikki is being nostalgic thinking of the girl who had to submit to the terrible fate under the power of the king of hades
ikki is an alliance or league
ikki is confronted by a strange man admiring metabee
ikki is finally on his way to
ikki is a character in the anime saint seiya
ikki is not dead
ikki is still here
ikki is een beetje verliefd op haar lievelingsdier nl
ikki is a lad too poor to afford one of the expensive
ikki is now
ikki is the bad guy
ikki is fishing and isaac is trying to convince him to take away the pole
ikki is full of stories half
ikki is full of stories half heard and very badly told
ikki is so violent

Nickname ikki

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