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Googlism comments

imap is built in to 10
imap is broken
imap is better
imap is for ?
imap is bork
imap is designed to permit manipulation of remote mailboxes as if they were local
imap is fly
imap is the next really exciting wave to come crashing over the internet beach
imap is better than mh
imap is the internet message access protocol
imap is a server that provides imap access to maildirs
imap is especially interested in supporting the preservation of works reflecting the early history of independent media
imap is deployed at ccs
imap is more convenient than pop
imap is everything needed
imap is cool is our soapbox for providing an overview of why the technology is neat
imap is that it makes your e
imap is right for you
imap is a client/server protocol in which e
imap is for ? print message
imap is a mailserver that sits between your mail client and the raw mail stream referred to as your "mailbox" or in unix terminology /var/mail
imap is the ability to download the headers
imap is and how it operates within an email system
imap is revised enough to support mh you will have reinvented nfs
imap is all well and good for people who bounce around on different machines
imap is an "online protocol"
imap is running or not
imap is preferable for many reasons
imap is relatively new and has several features that pop does not have
imap is good for you
imap is the highest quality cemetery mapping software available today
imap is a cemetery mapping and planning software program designed for the mapping of historic and modern cemeteries and memorial parks of all sizes
imap is the child of post office protocol 3
imap is beschikbaar voor mac os 9
imap is both a conceptual and mechanical imap road map
imap is an imap server engine designed for developers who need to implement an imap server on top of an existing mailstore
imap is focused on
imap is a superset of the pop3 protocol
imap is a lightweight html map viewer that provides online access to map layers in the king county spatial data warehouse and other related information
imap is just something that we chose
imap is online
imap is a protocol by which email processing programs such as pine can get access to and operate on email messages which are stored on a server
imap is superior to the pop mail service provided by many isps because all yours messages are stored on the imap servers
imap is
imap is available standard on a pocket pc
imap is concerned that the history of non
imap is a movable feast of imap help
imap is so much more convenient
imap is a method of accessing electronic mail or bulletin board messages that are kept on a
imap is a process that can add resourceful insights while actually reducing the chance of misdirected or
imap is a joint program of the california department of health services and university of california
imap is a client
imap is an open internet standard supported by a wide variety of clients and servers
imap is another mail transfer protocol
imap is designed to operate with messages being stored on a central server
imap is that email doesn't gets fragmented over different computers in this way
imap is a newer
imap is imap
imap is a functional superset of pop
imap is where to go on the uic campus
imap is a protocol that allows you to read your mail from a server without necessarily downloading it
imap is more useful for businesses that have their own servers
imap is a less common type of email setup
imap is a little bit different from p7 and pop
imap is that all your mail and mail folders stay on the server
imap is een kreet die tegenwoordig steeds vaker opduikt als het gaat om e
imap is absolutely necassary
imap is a rapidly evolving standard
imap is a email protocol allowing a client to access and manipulate email messages on a server
imap is a very nice suite of email software developed by sam varshavchik
imap is useful if you work on different machines
imap is a much more advanced protocol that allows you to see all your folders on fastmail
imap is the right choice
imap is now widely used in the educational world
imap is giving you all the complete headers
imap is a method of accessing email messages stored on a remote mail server
imap is a natural upgrade path for pop3
imap is the protocol that imap clients use to communicate with the servers
imap is the premiere visual cable plant connectivity management software solution
imap is a heck of a lot more resource intensive that pop
imap is available for both cc and ms mail accounts
imap is different
imap is a long established standard

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