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Ken: Many scholars believe the real Imhotep was in actuality Joseph from the Bible ... not a bad guy, but a good guy ... interesting juxtaposition in the movie in contrast to the real man ...

Googlism comments

imhotep is the first master architects who we know by name
imhotep is often considered the first true architect
imhotep is believed to have lived between 4
imhotep is caught trying to bring her body back to life by reading the scroll of thoth
imhotep is one example of the "personality cult" of kemet
imhotep is a secret known only to the order of isis
imhotep is stripped of his powers so he has an old
imhotep is punished in particularly grisly fashion and buried alive with a terrible curse
imhotep is regarded by many learned masonic scholars as the first
imhotep is like this tragic romantic hero
imhotep is that you'll have unique abilities; rick uses a selection of guns
imhotep is the step pyramid at saqqara
imhotep is going back from whence he came
imhotep is mummified alive and locked in a tomb with a mound of flesh
imhotep is once again walking on the earth
imhotep is best known though for his role as vizier and high priest
imhotep is
imhotep is not school
imhotep is caught in the act by the pharoh's guards
imhotep is more mystical and less dour than his
imhotep is given the bird
imhotep is referred to as "the creature" just about every time the med
imhotep is already demonstrating some success in new polymer composites markets
imhotep is transcendent
imhotep is a good egyptian name
imhotep is every bit as dazzling as the princess
imhotep is credited with building
imhotep is hanging off the ledge at the end
imhotep is a summer program designed for undergraduate students with training in biostatistics
imhotep is shipped to a museum in london
imhotep is carrying on an affair with pharaoh seti i's mistress
imhotep is entirely inadequate
imhotep is raised on purpose this time to do battle with another ancient force
imhotep is on a journey to rule the army of the scorpion king and destroy him
imhotep is caught by pharaoh seti i
imhotep is mummified and dismembered by
imhotep is no longer a mummy and no longer has most of his special powers such as being able to control the elements
imhotep is us described again in the readings of mykerinos and of mencheres
imhotep is found in many temples
imhotep is buried alive with these nasty
imhotep is the only toy island figure we've had for quite some
imhotep is brought to life by a group of people that includes the reincarnated anck
imhotep is a killing machine
imhotep is the highest priest of osiris and the guardian of the dead who is sentenced to death for crimes against his pharaoh
imhotep is among the most famous pharaohs
imhotep is termed "the son of ptah"
imhotep is caught and is mummified into one of the lving dead and the worst torture
imhotep is as wise as said when ehab sees the stones
imhotep is ever awakened
imhotep is taken by the pharoah's soldiers
imhotep is now believed to have been a father of modern medicine as well
imhotep is credited with design and execution of the step pyramid of zoser
imhotep is messing around with the pharaoh's mistress
imhotep is wrapped alive
imhotep is together with amenhotep the only mortal egyptians that ever reached the position as full gods
imhotep is "mummified" and buried alive with hundreds of scarabs who will kill him
imhotep is histories earliest known physician
imhotep is condemned to endure the hom
imhotep is given the ultimate curse
imhotep is its ability to involve the community and students in their past
imhotep is just as mean and ornery as he was in the 1999 film
imhotep is captured
imhotep is designed for undergraduate students with some training in biostatistics
imhotep is resurrected and once more embarks on his ruthless quest for immortality
imhotep is generally recognized by the medical community and medical historians
imhotep is resurrected in the british museum
imhotep is killed because of his forbidden love of the pharaoh's mistress
imhotep is raised once again from the dead and kidnaps their
imhotep is captured and mummified alive
imhotep is one of the most famous people that came from egypt
imhotep is raised once more by his followers in the hope that he can face the scorpion king
imhotep is in too much pain to even speak much
imhotep is a sexy mummy rather than a monster mummy
imhotep is resurrected by his worshippers
imhotep is finally defeated
imhotep is a viscid corpse
imhotep is captured and anuk
imhotep is believed by some to have been the original author of the edwin smith papyrus in which more than 90 anatomical terms and 48 injuries
imhotep is resurrected? and once more embarks on his ruthless quest for immortality
imhotep is sad
imhotep is sentenced to the worst punishment yet
imhotep is sentenced to a grisly death after being caught in affair with the pharoah's
imhotep is my favorite name in history
imhotep is buried
imhotep is suddenly bent on world domination isn't explained either
imhotep is a ghastly special
imhotep is up at 'em
imhotep is a long stationary shot of him in his sarcophagus
imhotep is again brought back to life at the british museum in london and finally reunites with his long lost love
imhotep is brought back to life
imhotep is unique in many ways
imhotep is compliant with state law and the state board is not

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