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Googlism comments

jameela is totally attached to her husband and child
jameela is truly a remarkable person and we appreciate her dearly
jameela is a staunch advocate for hooked on phonics
jameela is responsible for the financial management of futuregrowth
jameela is only 2˝ years old
jameela is from san francisco
jameela is quite candid about her own reasons
jameela is the one
jameela is presented in “making butter
jameela is presented in " making cookies "
jameela is now in sharjah with her husband and children
jameela is a college graduate with major in sociology
jameela is the submitter's legal given name
jameela is a very com
jameela is unreasonable
jameela is part of a group which is sharing the big book `farmer duck'

Nickname jameela

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