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Googlism comments

jaya is sweetness personified as she begins her
jaya is angling
jaya is one of the the regions that hold very extensive
jaya is angling for another berth for pmk
jaya is indonesia's largest province covering approximately 253
jaya is one of the the regions that hold very extensive natural resource potential with very high in its diversity
jaya is very depending on mother nature
jaya is wet through the year with a relatively dry period between june and august
jaya is the western half of the island of new guinea
jaya is invited
jaya is still on the road
jaya is the western half of the worlds second largest island
jaya is a spiritual teacher
jaya is one of only three places on earth where one can stand on snow
jaya is the eastern most province of indonesia that situates in new guinea islands
jaya is collecting donations to help with relief and recovery efforts in the wake of the october 12 bombing on bali
jaya is quite well
jaya is a hot
jaya is an enchanting hold
jaya is high and wet enough to support some small glaciers
jaya is one of the world's last great frontiers
jaya is today used instead of dutch new guinea
jaya is a very vast province
jaya is not the kind who feels aloof with the public?s presence
jaya is a company that is produces mangrove charcoal and runs a general trading
jaya is extremely high and unique
jaya is constrained by a lack of knowledge of the flora
jaya is the highest mountain in the pacific basin
jaya is around 1
jaya is based in jepara
jaya is the highest peak between the hymalayas and the andes with
jaya is whether the methods currently being employed will assist in the resolution or whether they will compound the problems
jaya is awarded wasc accreditation
jaya is the information technology township of cyberjaya
jaya is a forty
jaya is here
jaya is in the west and papua new guinea in the east
jaya is clever not to talk directly
jaya is well known in the state of california
jaya is assisted by10 workers
jaya is a province of the republic of indonesia
jaya is the easternmost province of indonesia
jaya is widely known for her compassionate work
jaya is a 20 year old girl who has completed her diploma in computer science
jaya is on a mental pilgrimage to cleanse herself of her past deeds
jaya is a central district of selangor bisected by the federal highway
jaya is a land of exceptional natural grandeur
jaya is the official name of the western half of
jaya is the most easterly province of indonesia
jaya is a land of contrast
jaya is a township made popular by its well planned neighbourhood
jaya is indonesia's wildest and richest possession
jaya is one of only two provinces added after indonesia's independence in 1945; the other was east timor
jaya is among the poorest and most isolated places in the
jaya is the western
jaya is often called indonesia's biggest
jaya is the ultimate
jaya is an indefatigable bharatnatyam danseuse and guru who has involved herself in
jaya is the fourth richest province in indonesia
jaya is a comprehensive self
jaya is that irian jaya has over 650 different species of birds
jaya is probably the most common of the blue tongues in captivity
jaya is the wide variety of flora and fauna with steamy mangrove swamps in the lowland coastal areas rising to
jaya is the wildest area indonesia has
jaya is one of the wildest and least explored dive areas in the world
jaya is located in malaysia's first satellite city
jaya is always covered by ice and snow
jaya is the life
jaya is located in the vicinity of the much referred "education heaven" of selangor
jaya is mostly white with light brown spots
jaya is a local government owned company
jaya is studying advanced seifukujitsu techniques with prof
jaya is trained as an intuitive counselor
jaya is the western half of new
jaya is a jakarta based trading house dealing in international trade of soft commodities like gambier
jaya is of great importance
jaya is
jaya is one of the entry points into
jaya is no
jaya is the consistently highest part of southeast asia

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