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Ignas: is a card :)(:

Googlism comments

jocker is used
jocker is basically a thief?and a
jocker is or if you qualify as one
jocker is delusional
jocker is simply fun
jocker is a research assistant at the faculty of applied earth sciences with delft university of technology
jocker is such an asshole
jocker is in town and has it all
jocker is expected to see that his punk gets the canteen necessities of life
jocker is paired off
jocker is
jocker is a card
jocker is opened from 17
jocker is wild
jocker is ranked 414 and has played for 9m in 31 days real name
jocker is trapped within a catatonic state of fearful hallucinations
jocker is a fag
jocker is wild / 30? / ???? ??

Nickname jocker

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