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Googlism comments

jugal is almost an open book
jugal is simply too good a place to hang cheeks and jowls
jugal is longer than the width of the rostrum
jugal is lateral to the posterior maxillary tooth position
jugal is lateral to the poste
jugal is found in heterodontosaurids
jugal is broken of about a centimer from the jugal process
jugal is working on a proposal for the colemann institute
jugal is mukul the
jugal is the cheek bone
jugal is exposed on the ventral skull margin
jugal is more complete
jugal is on its way out
jugal is present
jugal is broad
jugal is robust
jugal is lost; the posterior process of the jugal is reduced and
jugal is thin and does not seem to be fixed at all towards the center
jugal is also missing
jugal is extremely slender
jugal is a good friend of mine but i do not prefer to engage on any joint project with him
jugal is my costar in the film
jugal is the most experiences out of the bunch and this shows in his performance
jugal is robust and triradiate
jugal is large
jugal is long and rod
jugal is narrow and long
jugal is deep below the gently rounded ventral margin of the enormous orbit and forms the posteroventral corner of the antorbital fossa
jugal is much deeper dorsoventrally than in procolophon and other procolophonid taxa
jugal is excluded from the
jugal is absent in
jugal is not clearly demarcated from the posterior end of the maxilla
jugal is a character malar; fr
jugal is weak
jugal is greatly reduced in length
jugal is younger than charli and older than emraan
jugal is small or absent
jugal is short
jugal is missing
jugal is not present
jugal is right
jugal is very sweet &jimmy too
jugal is excluded from the margin of the fenestra
jugal is a complex
jugal is created
jugal is really the homologue of the quadratum of other oviparous vertebrata
jugal is entirely separated from the supra

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