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Googlism comments

kabaka is dead
kabaka is dead un appeals for
kabaka is proof of the popular appeal of buganda traditional
kabaka is the official title of the king of
kabaka is now finally taking steps to acquire a queen
kabaka is not supposed to look behind
kabaka is not considered to be descended from the gods
kabaka is helped in his work by the buganda kingdom administration
kabaka is still crowned
kabaka is the head of the royal clan and he delegates his authority in this regard to the ssabalangira who is the head of the
kabaka is not marrying someone from the royal clan there is no breach that would qualify the situation as resulting in endogamy
kabaka is revered in masaka
kabaka is honored at coronation by representatives from both churches
kabaka is as enthusiastic in his limited role
kabaka is not considered to be the descendant of gods
kabaka is still not married
kabaka is credited with all writing on the album
kabaka is the king of the baganda tribe
kabaka is more popular than museveni
kabaka is the head of all clans

Nickname kabaka

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