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Googlism comments

kabocha is grown and packed for export to japan and for the australian market
kabocha is a bit more squat
kabocha is called sweet mama
kabocha is a generic term for winter squash in japan
kabocha is a commercial hybrid bred from a cucurbita maxima x c
kabocha is set to challenge the status of the traditional pumpkin and a great deal of interest has been generated since the first japanese pumpkins were
kabocha is the major asian vegetable crop produced in tasmania with a yield of 1200 tonnes last season
kabocha is harvested 45 days after crossing
kabocha is becoming a more and more popular variety among the increasingly appreciated winter squashes
kabocha is japanese for pumpkin
kabocha is drier than butternut
kabocha is known as one of the sweetest and creamiest of squash
kabocha is a small
kabocha is 67 cents a pound at daiei
kabocha is soft
kabocha is so deliciously sweet that it needs none of the usual fats and sweeteners traditionally added to bland squashes
kabocha is a winter squash that's new to the us so you can be on the cutting edge of cuisine trends
kabocha is an oriental squash encased in a deep green
kabocha is sweeter and drier than other winter squashes
kabocha is not a pumpkin
kabocha is a round japanese variety
kabocha is well known in japan
kabocha is grown in california
kabocha is ideal
kabocha is spotted green and carnival squash is mottled orange
kabocha is not available use butternut squash
kabocha is grown in tasmania and exported to japan in april and may each year
kabocha is set to challenge the status of the traditional pumpkin
kabocha is a squash i used for pumpkin pie while living in pumpkinless japan
kabocha is the generic japanese word for squash
kabocha is also good
kabocha is a generic grouping for many strains of japanese pumpkin and winter squash

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