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Googlism comments

kadek is a terrorist organÝsation
kadek is not included
kadek is the most powerful among them
kadek is the one and only representative of the kurdish people in all kurdistan
kadek is supported by greek politicians
kadek is to establish an
kadek is a terrorist organization threatening to use terrorism
kadek is receiving support in turkey's neighbors iran and syria as well as
kadek is a six years old who is handicapped in her legs and cannot walk
kadek is 18 years old
kadek is a painter with inherited talent
kadek is the label the terrorist pkk adopted earlier this year
kadek is a terrorist organization”
kadek is the twelfth and coldest month of the cambodian lunar calendar
kadek is de eenheid van het kurdische volk met de buurvolkeren op vrijwillige basis
kadek is also reportedly seeking mines and other ordinance to be deployed along the border with turkey’s sirnak province
kadek is the first to dance the legong
kadek is defined as the “only legitimate legatee and representative” of the pkk
kadek is active geographically covers the whole of the so
kadek is a successor to
kadek is receiving support in turkey’s neighbors iran and syria as well
kadek is carrying out various actions in south cyprus and iraq to forcefully collect money and
kadek is a new group formed by members of the separatist kurdistan workers party
kadek is a kurdish political party that follows a marxist
kadek is the continuation of pkk
kadek is pkk
kadek is now part of the knc
kadek is right there
kadek is serious
kadek is a continuation of the pkk and is illegal"
kadek is from the rice
kadek is the bride
kadek is strictly following this policy for the moment
kadek is not included on the eu list
kadek is now an umbrella for the kurds in the middle east
kadek is the new name for the pkk which fought turkish security forces in southeastern turkey from 1984
kadek is the sole legitimate heir of the pkk”
kadek is followed closely by the eu
kadek is bringing valuable experience from the airline industry in switzerland
kadek is the new "party name" of the pkk
kadek is a nice young guy and he is not greedy
kadek is the sole legal representative of pkk's heritage
kadek is outstanding and speaks good english
kadek is the new name for the kurdistan workers party

Nickname kadek

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