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Googlism comments

kanu is democratic
kanu is back
kanu is not going to olympics
kanu is and has been a strong political party which can resist any form of force from members of the rainbow alliance
kanu is currently troubled by his mother's sickness and may spend some days to attend to
kanu is more intrested in the
kanu is not going to olympics london
kanu is back on the national squad for the sydney games
kanu is fully committed to ensuring adequate funding of our education sector
kanu is african player of the year
kanu is restless again
kanu is a charter member of national public radio and has carried the npr news program all things considered since 1971
kanu is proud to once again serve the emporia area
kanu is based on a pedagogy of liberation and in that respect kanu as an educational model is liberatory
kanu is to provide students of hawaiian ancestry residing in the hamakua and kohala area of hawai’i island with an
kanu is a methodical centre forward who grew up in the ajax 3
kanu is the beckham of nigeria with giant posters of him looming down from thousands of billboards in lagos
kanu is vexed by opposition
kanu is behind motion
kanu is a scheming sex
kanu is the public radio station at the university of kansas in lawrence
kanu is all set to launch its campaign to rid central province of the opposition
kanu is a government of liers
kanu is tailored towards the distinctive cultural wants and
kanu is the public radio station at the university of kansas
kanu is reading the signs of the times
kanu is my brother
kanu is on the hunt for a
kanu is rijk geworden
kanu is an official of the opposition but
kanu is likely to lose a significant number of its current mps if the udm is registered
kanu is split down the middle on the succession issue
kanu is currently held by environment minister
kanu is one of the most prolific goal scorers in african soccer
kanu is one of the best goal scorers in african soccer today
kanu is a extremely good player
kanu is a great player and a player of high standard and moral
kanu is doubtful for the super eagles' crucial group of death clash with sweden
kanu is an affiliate of national public radio
kanu is expected to make the arsenal starting line
kanu is in his first year as a graduate assistant coach at ohio state
kanu is dictatorial and bound to
kanu is wrought with major pitfalls
kanu is fast becoming the discerning gooner's favourite
kanu is still there
kanu is an extravagantly skillful player
kanu is formulating will not hold for long
kanu is happy at arsenal
kanu is expected to captain the 'super eagles' against the angolans
kanu is over
kanu is as strong and skilful as ever and he has established a cult figure status amongst the highbury faithful
kanu is not an easy matter
kanu is cooked
kanu is stronger than it was before pluralism
kanu is a former military administrator of lagos state
kanu is what commentators fondly call a 'crowd pleaser'
kanu is essential
kanu is limited to situations in which his image is exploited for
kanu is not a member of a guild
kanu is beyond all that
kanu is active in many school and community service organizations
kanu is doubtful for the super eagles' crucial group of death clash with sweden in kobe
kanu is almost synonymous with kenya's independence
kanu is a great character
kanu is kanu
kanu is their leading striker
kanu is leaving inter
kanu is indeed assured of victory in 2002
kanu is an
kanu is one of the most prolific goal scorers in african
kanu is a small and poor state
kanu is the only national party while the rest are pursuing politics of hate and confrontation
kanu is the man to drag nigerian football away from the self
kanu is deeply divided over the choice of its candidate to fight elections due in december
kanu is
kanu is once again likely to fill in for the dutch
kanu is the only radio station in eastern kansas providing locally hosted classical music
kanu is winning his race to face sweden
kanu is displaying the full array of his abilities in missing good chances tonight
kanu is renowned throughout england for having the biggest feet in the premier league
kanu is an essential member of our senior staff
kanu is the new kid on the block
kanu is trying to make in order to survive is to make it appealing to younger listeners
kanu is consistently associated with the history of anti
kanu is not satisfying enough
kanu is a constant reminder of her lost love
kanu is out to
kanu is finally withdrawn from the action and is replaced by pius ikedia

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