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Googlism comments

kaoru is preggy
kaoru is just plain gorgeous ne? *sigh*
kaoru is dead
kaoru is preggy… woe is kenshin
kaoru is under control by seele
kaoru is an inch shorter than kenshin
kaoru is the mysteriosu fifth child
kaoru is a shin
kaoru is angel and sent to nerv
kaoru is her daughter and that she will be the next mistress of the inn
kaoru is thought to have been killed by enishi
kaoru is overjoyed
kaoru is surprised by the ease of her victory
kaoru is looking for the hitokiri battousai
kaoru is all nice and kind and sweet and lovable
kaoru is the girl kenshin meets the night he wanders into tokyo
kaoru is just the girl soujiro needs
kaoru is so brave and tomoe is not
kaoru is a prodigy when it comes to playing the piano
kaoru is the assistant master of the kamiya kashin style of swordsmanship in tokyo
kaoru is later invited to the urabutousatsoujin to participate
kaoru is softly spoken and polite at all times
kaoru is the successor to the kamiya kasshin ryu technique and runs the only dojo for this art that uses the sword as an instrument of protection instead of
kaoru is taking her bath
kaoru is peacefully drinking tea in her peacefully quiet dojo
kaoru is alive
kaoru is still staring at yahiko in shock
kaoru is mad at you
kaoru is dreaming @ 06
kaoru is a kind
kaoru is the stoic
kaoru is picked on by that pervert
kaoru is trapped on etsuko's shoulders and is dropped from the top of the cage
kaoru is a key person? akira
kaoru is 18 years old
kaoru is being held up by an enormous man claiming to be the hitokiri battousai and his hostile group
kaoru is an orphan and she wants a family
kaoru is the key character
kaoru is studying natural science at bcc and making the most of his second academic career
kaoru is incensed and leaves to rescue him
kaoru is a gemini too
kaoru is a
kaoru is dead and they bury the doll
kaoru is a great character and if i were to go against that
kaoru is an expert of her father's kamiya kasshinryu style
kaoru is not gay
kaoru is my youngest pet
kaoru is in fact the other childhood friend in the photograph
kaoru is held fast in the grasp of unit one's claw
kaoru is the teacher of kamiya kassin ryu
kaoru is an angel
kaoru is still chasing jiken around*
kaoru is a very firey teenager who rushes into things quicky
kaoru is threatened
kaoru is forever having to wait for kenshin's return
kaoru is an innocent little seventeen year old girl who doesn't have any life experience
kaoru is most impressed at how fast her little student is growing up
kaoru is quite upset indeed
kaoru is the most important thing to him
kaoru is only a child
kaoru is upset or worried about something
kaoru is an energetic
kaoru is in danger
kaoru is the owner of the kamiya dojo which used to be run by her father until he died
kaoru is fun
kaoru is an extremely talented and exremely adorable guy
kaoru is sitting alone at the table
kaoru is so worried about alice not being seen yet
kaoru is such a big sweetheart
kaoru is attracted to her beauty and pure voice
kaoru is meant for rurouni
kaoru is
kaoru is an intellectual
kaoru is a very cool character
kaoru is athena's #1 fan of all time
kaoru is without question a tireless worker
kaoru is *well* above
kaoru is carrying her child
kaoru is known best for her swordsmanship and short
kaoru is my favorite band member and cage is my favorite song
kaoru is the essence of schoolgirl charm as she slowly and tantalizingly gives you glimpses of her pussy through her blazing orange leather hot pants
kaoru is now known as kaoru
kaoru is the only female rider taking part in the all japan snowmobile championship and she freely admits that the thrills of snowmobiling have hooked
kaoru is no match against him
kaoru is a pretty big shrine
kaoru is the 5th child but unlike the other children
kaoru is friend and family to me
kaoru is also ill with the same thing and yahiko goes kyoto to bring kenji
kaoru is at the right end

Nickname kaoru

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