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Googlism comments

kapal is one of the main centres on the island for the production of shrines and altars
kapal is often encountered
kapal is a gentle man with a bright and curious mind
kapal is an archeological remain which was built by mengwi king in the 17th century
kapal is more lige
kapal is better known for the pura sadha temple
kapal is the garden gnome and temple complex centre of bali and is located in south west bali
kapal is pulau peluru
kapal is a platform on the bank of the river from where the hindus perform rites from their ancestors
kapal is held once every three days
kapal is situated on the banks of alaknanda and used for shraadh ceremony by the hindus
kapal is walang halaga
kapal is a flat platform on the bank of the river alakhnanda
kapal is specialized for the stone's sculptures
kapal is a submerged rock
kapal is an ideal spot to meet the bigger species
kapal is in actual fact a large rock shaped somewhat like a ship and the dive begins at the bottom of the rock at about 24 metres
kapal is
kapal is famous for its decorative carvings
kapal is an old dynastic sanctuary featuring a tall shrine
kapal is a sanskrit word that means skull
kapal is an excellent example of the outstanding contributions made to our education and research mandates
kapal is een koraalformatie op 42 m diepte
kapal is the other dive site famous for spotting a large school of hammerheads
kapal is situated on the bank of alaknanda and used for shardh ceremony by religious hindu
kapal is also famous as a manufacturing center for bali's rice cookers

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