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Googlism comments

kelvin is best yet
kelvin is here
kelvin is dead
kelvin is still hungry
kelvin is lord
kelvin is born into the flesh in belfast
kelvin is best yet falls church
kelvin is here quote
kelvin is a recording project consisting of paul sylvester and chris hidden
kelvin is connected to the following things
kelvin is often used as a reference "white light" source when balancing video cameras in a studio
kelvin is still hungry by al ruckaber
kelvin is used by scientists
kelvin is a battle for physical and psychological survival
kelvin is a one
kelvin is
kelvin is the same
kelvin is a four
kelvin is designed to complete simple driving tasks without human intervention
kelvin is the 1/273
kelvin is defined by setting the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water at 273
kelvin is a freelance saxophonist
kelvin is analogous to
kelvin is si
kelvin is chosen to be
kelvin is to add 273 degrees; for instance
kelvin is about 38 and kind and is a good looking guy
kelvin is a chartered accountant with expertise in financial matters and trusts through his business
kelvin is a temperature scale designed so that zero degrees k is defined as absolute zero
kelvin is a temperature scale designed so that 0k is defined as absolute zero and the size of one unit is the same as the size of one
kelvin is one
kelvin is the unit of temperature in the international system of units
kelvin is 20 months old right now and has development delays in his fine and gross motor skills and his speech
kelvin is very confused
kelvin is the standard si measurement of thermodynamic temperature
kelvin is equivalent to room temperature
kelvin is officially commissioned by starfleet at the avalon shipyards during a brief ceremony
kelvin is a member of the firm?s employment and immigration team and is active in employment and immigration compliance issues and all matters involving
kelvin is also the primary x
kelvin is equal to that of the celsius except kelvin is 273
kelvin is not capitalized
kelvin is just a temperature scale that is useful for science
kelvin is denoted by k and 1 k equals 1° celcius
kelvin is '
kelvin is placed 4th in the classification
kelvin is considered the "standard" temperature reading for interior white light
kelvin is also an ibm distinguished engineer and a member of the ibm academy of technology
kelvin is identified with the celsius degree
kelvin is formally defined as 1/273
kelvin is also working on a number of other java initiatives
kelvin is an application programming interface
kelvin is based on the same size units as °celcius except that water freezes at 273
kelvin is the chaplain appointed by the scottish episcopal church
kelvin is a central location for me to publish my web projects from various trips and random interests
kelvin is the absolute temperature scale and it is measured from absolute zero*
kelvin is captalized because this was a person's title
kelvin is cool
kelvin is a member of the ayer rajah community club's management committee
kelvin is another unit of temperature that is very handy for many scientific calculations
kelvin is kelvin or kelvins
kelvin is now one of the frontline goalkeepers in the country now and quite a few clubs have shown interest in him recently
kelvin is a 16 processor rack mounted compaq alphaserver
kelvin is direct inzetbaar doordat de aanpastijd minimaal is
kelvin is a thriller based on a '20s novel
kelvin is the same as the size of a degree celsius
kelvin is impossible
kelvin is the temperature scale used most
kelvin is a point property definition
kelvin is the fraction 1/273
kelvin is also known to fluid mechanists and aerodynamicists because of his circulation transport theorem
kelvin is mostly a very suggestive chamber play
kelvin is k
kelvin is one of our top company online support staff
kelvin is dat als celsius 0 graden is dan is kelvin
kelvin is a two step process
kelvin is the same as that of one degree celsius
kelvin is always toasty warm
kelvin is the driver i respect the most because he has developed as an ascar driver the most
kelvin is undoubtedly the most prosperous seat in the rejuvenated city
kelvin is the temperature of background radiation of the universe = residu big bang
kelvin is a man of few words
kelvin is a general interest literary
kelvin is duxton's 'egg
kelvin is to learn and use
kelvin is a member of the the network team within the networks and servers group
kelvin is unmoved
kelvin is the si unit for temperature
kelvin is achieved by expanding the pressurized hydrogen at the cold tip of the refrigerator

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