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Googlism comments

kerouac is pregnant
kerouac is a superbly presented
kerouac is born at 5 o'clock pm on march 12
kerouac is hardly an unfamiliar literary figure
kerouac is always news
kerouac is immortalized by on the road
kerouac is of course known around the world for his youthful book on the road
kerouac is on this site
kerouac is a protectable property right owned by the estate
kerouac is one of the major influences on the creative/art world today
kerouac is the big
kerouac is one of those writers
kerouac is credited with the development of a writing technique that draws from both jazz music and the automatic writing style of the surrealists
kerouac is an ideal size for medium to large
kerouac is known in the popular imagination as the harbinger of the beat movement
kerouac is one of mark murphy’s best albums
kerouac is genius
kerouac is found like gold specks in fine silt
kerouac is
kerouac is a text well worth
kerouac is known as the man who coined the phrase the beat generation
kerouac is best known for his novels
kerouac is not a
kerouac is portrayed as either doofy
kerouac is born in lowell
kerouac is more widely read and revered by a new generation than ever before
kerouac is chickenshit because he apparently doesn't practice buddhism the right way
kerouac is a huge inspiration to me and my thirst for life has only strengthened with the discovery of his work and of fellow existers keeping his memory
kerouac is not so much eulogized in this memoir as he is painted humanly as the soulful cat he was
kerouac is preferred but biographical or other criticism also welcomed as well as writings on other beat figures
kerouac is here
kerouac is jack kerouac is jack kerouac
kerouac is a major american writer who has effected our culture
kerouac is best known for writing
kerouac is best known as one of the beat poets of the 50’s
kerouac is content with watching the leaves fall
kerouac is well represented on campus and in the city of lowell
kerouac is our most popular laptop computer backpack for daily use
kerouac is our most popular backpack for daily use
kerouac is overcome by worry for the well
kerouac is a writer who wrote his “songs” in spoken language to be read and sometimes sung aloud
kerouac is a writer
kerouac is alive and dead from 98
kerouac is shown writing in his pocket notebooks and pounding away on his old underwood typewriter
kerouac is ellis amburn's biography of jack kerouac
kerouac is best known for his classic on the road
kerouac is available on the internet in e
kerouac is with cassady
kerouac is trying to
kerouac is buried in lowell in the edson cemetery on gorham street
kerouac is best known for the experimental
kerouac is ingrained into the very fabric of "the american literary experience
kerouac is still on the road
kerouac is reduced to a
kerouac is a psuedonym for glen weinstein '92 and henry sawtelle'93
kerouac is a treat because his prose has a vibe and flow not found in most literature
kerouac is well known to
kerouac is to say he was a beatnik
kerouac is in his family home in st
kerouac is increasingly recognized as a major figure in 20th century
kerouac is doing while reading
kerouac is not particularly careful about his prose but he uses it intoxicatingly
kerouac is a "trip" into the last few hours of the great proletarian laureate of the 50's and early 60's
kerouac is regarded as influential in the development of the twentieth
kerouac is remembered through
kerouac is a small volume with a whole lot of attitude
kerouac is getting nervous
kerouac is commonly regarded as both the leading novelist of the beat
kerouac is regarded as the voice of his generation
kerouac is vooral bekend van 'on the road'
kerouac is that of a macho
kerouac is stranded in san francisco and marylou matter a factly notes that "’dean will leave you out in the cold any time it’s in his interest
kerouac is autobiographical
kerouac is probably the biggest influence as he was the first real inspiration
kerouac is identified as the "father" of the beat generation
kerouac is the f
kerouac is credited with inventing the 'cool' look
kerouac is full of good
kerouac is one of the most popular and influential writers in american literature
kerouac is an odyssey of drugs and hard living
kerouac is saying because we all have to live
kerouac is most noted for his representation of the beat generation
kerouac is dedicating this number to lovely
kerouac is shown holding one of
kerouac is reacting to his sense of nostalgia
kerouac is instantly recognisable in passages such as this one

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