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Googlism comments

kunal is king
kunal is a young and freaky guy working in an advertising agency
kunal is best suited to be ramola's business heir
kunal is furious
kunal is a small 'rural' site
kunal is not about to trust her so easily but it is then that he surprises her by saying that he does
kunal is shocked to find that the scarf she has drawn resembles the one in the portrait in the secret room
kunal is holding his head in his hands
kunal is genuine does reinvigorate the movie and offer us something to look forward to
kunal is hindu and daniela a catholic
kunal is a postgraduate in management from imdr
kunal is bothered by the fact that his japanese bosses are now watching his bottom line rather closely
kunal is looking at capitalising on positioning the world cup as a mega event with promotions to target women
kunal is a research engineer
kunal is not a christian
kunal is the major supplier of uniform materials to leading schools
kunal is 10
kunal is a member of a banned ultra
kunal is an apt foil for the rustic raja
kunal is the other hero
kunal is here to stay
kunal is an alumnus of aiesec
kunal is keen to talk to them
kunal is ever
kunal is shown as a happy
kunal is a very talented director who knows what he precisely wants from his artistes
kunal is vinod
kunal is a great director but the only negative point is kareena kapoor
kunal is a good director
kunal is no accidental find
kunal is not the kind of director who orchestrates stressful situations on the sets
kunal is working on asp
kunal is a very hardworking boy
kunal is only a computer engineer
kunal is based in palo alto and looks at technology investments
kunal is to be paired with two new faces and the search is on for them
kunal is brilliant with low balls but since crystal is taller he will get the preference
kunal is no hero
kunal is the poor student in mumbai who
kunal is trying to say that it won't be able to encrypt and send alerts/logs to some central host or stuff like that
kunal is the one who acted in kadhalar dhinam
kunal is pretty cute
kunal is the site director for project health's newest chapter in washington
kunal is the scion of the sikand conglomerate ? an empire established by his mother
kunal is pinning all his hopes on his new venture now
kunal is a decent batsman and bowler
kunal is a 'guna' when he tries to express his feelings
kunal is a proud indian in da us
kunal is the musical genius behind nekropolis
kunal is a handsome young man
kunal is very meticulous
kunal is working
kunal is a very simple man and a very nice human being
kunal is in contact with u
kunal is creating ways to inform the public of the event through rich media and interactive content
kunal is a well
kunal is the lead driver of 5 adult drivers of the brulto sponsored team
kunal is the best song of the album and is quite catchy
kunal is shown very stiff
kunal is surely the most romantic actor
kunal is the best comedian
kunal is a sole distributor of companies like m/s daika
kunal is an oberlin graduate who is currently in this position
kunal is
kunal is that
kunal is very patient and willing to go the extra mile
kunal is a total misfit for the role
kunal is a wonderful person
kunal is a junior clerk in the gujarat maritime board
kunal is very frank when it comes to his films never making it big
kunal is a great guy
kunal is a great attacker and proved that he was last year scoring many goals
kunal is a computer science junior at the university of illinois at urbana champaign
kunal is currently the vice
kunal is my nephew
kunal is an amalgam of all that
kunal is a hard working person can't accept the fact that his brother karan has fallen in love with a commoner and so karan leaves home
kunal is a really cool guy
kunal is a playful prankster
kunal is fond of traveling and driving
kunal is declared as man of the match
kunal is headed for help

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