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Googlism comments

kwinter is the featured speaker for the wolfson lecture series presented by the university of cincinnati college of design
kwinter is furious that mcguinty was unable to convince castrilli to seek a nomination in another riding
kwinter is a new york based writer
kwinter is very popular here
kwinter is there to serve you
kwinter is a founding partner of singer
kwinter is a partner at our calgary office and his practice extends beyond the province of alberta
kwinter is running and where the race is considered his to lose
kwinter is a new york
kwinter is knowledgeable about what he does
kwinter is a long
kwinter is currently serving as critic for economic development and trade for the official opposition
kwinter is een kritische gids over de moderne geschiedenis van het begrip tijd en de wisselwerking tussen de
kwinter is obviously to a great extent correct; in contemporary cities such as houston
kwinter is adamantly opposed to the government buying connaught outright
kwinter is a grade 12 student at west vancouver secondary school
kwinter is expected to resign his seat to make way for eggleton
kwinter is the former editor of zone books and is currently teaching at princeton university
kwinter is currently serving as critic for enterprise
kwinter is in the interests of the public good
kwinter is serving as critic for economic development and trade for the official opposition
kwinter is to be complimented
kwinter is trying to pass a law that would protect them from being prosecuted for their methods
kwinter is right that the consumerist ethos works toward repressing that interaction
kwinter is currently the provincial member of parliament for york centre and serves as the official opposition critic for economic development and trade
kwinter is venga's executive vice president
kwinter is proposing is significant change to regulated health profession regulation legislation that is a product of over
kwinter is acutely aware of
kwinter is a big proponent of that college

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