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Googlism comments

lanie is nevertheless unnerved when the second and third predictions come true
lanie is thrilled when her boss recommends her for a big
lanie is engaged to a baseball player named cal cooper
lanie is presented pretty much as a one
lanie is that the boys passed her over for darker
lanie is a small
lanie is a far cry from the leather
lanie is scared the third will as well
lanie is supposed to be the strong businesswoman
lanie is talking up jack on camera
lanie is a high
lanie is told something
lanie is no
lanie is a licensed professional counselor in georgia and a national certified counselor
lanie is always wrong
lanie is being placed up for adoption
lanie is currently engaged to a dumb jock
lanie is the bubbly talking head that covers human
lanie is not an entirely well
lanie is immediately thrown into a state of panic
lanie is not only one of my favorite artists
lanie is a little nervous when jack proves right as to the winner of the big game
lanie is compelled to reevaluate her life and determine what matters most before her time runs out
lanie is worried after the seattle seahawks defeat the denver broncos 19
lanie is on assignment interviewing the noted
lanie is a feature reporter for a seattle television station
lanie is
lanie is providing test sites for internet access
lanie is too self
lanie is assigned
lanie is interviewing "prophet jack"
lanie is skeptical at first of the humble manís visions
lanie is convinced
lanie is 27" tall
lanie is none too happy
lanie is told she has three days to live
lanie is pictured below at various ages
lanie is involved in
lanie is her own boss and among the acts she represents are that darling clan of tongan melody makers from the 80s known as the jets
lanie is going to die
lanie is forced to work with the station's best cameraman
lanie is an extremely successful seattle "tv personality"
lanie is on
lanie is forced to watch the broadcast sans the karaoke backing track and fabricated
lanie is ready to bolt seattle in a heartbeat upon learning she's in the running for a slot on the network morning show in new york
lanie is convinced she only has a week to live she immediately visits her miserable sister ? the "perfect" wife and mother ? and proceeds to make her
lanie is another of our young girls who is doing exceptionally well in the show ring
lanie is ready to go go this year
lanie is a feature reporter on "that's seattle life
lanie is going to die within a week
lanie is a bit taken off balance
lanie is given the opportunity for her big break
lanie is submitted to the network for a slot on their "am usa" show
lanie is about to make her national debut makes little sense and is a desperate move by the
lanie is 4 years old
lanie is free to write to you
lanie is all that unhappy with her life
lanie is vain
lanie is convinced she is doomed
lanie is a special education major with an emphasis in severe
lanie is off to do a routine story with her ex
lanie is proud
lanie is led to jack by a cameraman named pete
lanie is no longer sitting on the bed
lanie is alive and well and looking forward to returning for her annual vitality fasting and rejuvenation programs
lanie is up for the challenge until a street soothsayer
lanie is sent out to interview a homeless man named jack
lanie is an up
lanie is busy creating the menu for this special meal
lanie is coaxed into hitting baseballs by her
lanie is developing the cutest sense of humor
lanie is a hot property
lanie is forced to consider her mortality after other predictions come true
lanie is an enterprising television journalist with a perfectionist personality and an insatiable craving for celebrity
lanie is standing at the choosing path of career
lanie is karro and bobcat's person
lanie is still at harvard
lanie is on the fast track from local to network news
lanie is a native of maryland and received her bs degree in ecology with a minor in mathematics and her master's degree in organismal biology from towson state
lanie is very ambitious and takes herself very seriously
lanie is launched on a mission to examine her life
lanie is immediately undone
lanie is transformed from vapid and boring television reporter to someone with substance
lanie is reluctantly paired up with her ex
lanie is perfect; engaged to seattle mariners star ca>>>more
lanie is not my first whippet
lanie is awed and nurtured by both her parents
lanie is a bleached blonde
lanie is actually a fairly decent person at the beginning of the movie
lanie is mentioned
lanie is your sister
lanie is quite a person

Nickname lanie

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