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Googlism comments

leira is megan's dragonrider from a place called starstorm weyr
leira is my twinling's greenrider from starstorm weyr
leira is hard to get through
leira is not dead in my campaign
leira is board certified in neurology by the american board of psychiatry and neurology
leira is an enigma since she covers everything she does and say with layers of illusion and falsehood
leira is far away from the shops and cafés so that the students can concentrate on their schoolwork
leira is a goddess of deception and illusion
leira is receiving from organization's
leira is grey in colour
leira is the principal investigator
leira is a very good fivegaiter with a very nice colour
leira is now a candidate at
leira is the cathedral of batalha
leira is the official currency
leira is female
leira is around
leira is currently working on and about the records retention manual
leira is working on developing a mentoring program to nurture new members
leira is an elf who got left behind in 'our realm' when she was very young
leira is crowned queen of threskel
leira is recorded
leira is a bundle of contradictions
leira is at the right in the picture
leira is nearby
leira is the feeding place of many species of birds
leira is unaware of the near tragedy she escaped after her mother fought off a carjacker
leira is also available
leira is of normal elf height at 6'4" and weighs 100 pounds
leira is not dead
leira is the only deaf resident there
leira is in part of a folk high school
leira is demigoddess of deception
leira is working on a communications post for her space cases emporium
leira is demigoddess of deceptions and illusions
leira is looted and burned
leira is using all she has to keep
leira is fond of drinks with a certain blend of red
leira is never a one man team from the start
leira is the only beacon of truth in our entire pantheon of lies
leira is a long river bridge and half
leira is the patron of those who dabble in the art of the knife in the back concealed by soft words
leira is being worshipped less and less since her demise
leira is killed by cyric who acquires deception and illusion portfolios from her
leira is in these movies

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