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Googlism comments

longjohn is made from 3mm nylon neoprene in the body and 2mm nylon neoprene in the legs
longjohn is arguably the best value
longjohn is a replica of ironman's vo2 stealthsuit
longjohn is a 1942 "stretched jeep" 27feet long with independent front and rear steering; likewise a great attraction in parades
longjohn is a one piece sleeveless wetsuit
longjohn is constructed of 5mm 'durahide' neoprene
longjohn is handig en warm
longjohn is
longjohn is refering to when he says it would be horribly unbalanced
longjohn is a 1993 cornell release that is now gaining a reputation for regular crops of oblong
longjohn is also easier
longjohn is put into a room with padded walls
longjohn is the movement of the waterbed a problem? dirk not at all

Nickname longjohn

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