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Googlism comments

lucasfilm is not concerned that the slow pace of the auction for america will affect bidding on its auctions
lucasfilm is very concerned about pirated dvd copies of star wars
lucasfilm is pleased to be part of an exhibition that emphasizes
lucasfilm is one of the world's leading motion picture production and entertainment companies
lucasfilm is able to offer compelling star wars services directly to the mobile phones of its huge fan base around the world
lucasfilm is pulling out all the stops with the phantom menace
lucasfilm is one of the leading film and entertainment companies in the world
lucasfilm is just one of five companies in the lucas empire
lucasfilm is using cnet networks's vla engine to power shopping on its starwars
lucasfilm is developing plans to excavate a tunnel under lucas valley road near big rock
lucasfilm is ready to begin
lucasfilm is breaking new ground in proving that digital acquisition empowers the creative process
lucasfilm is fighting for the right to tatooine
lucasfilm is convinced that dvd is
lucasfilm is very protective of its intellectual property
lucasfilm is going all out for its first dvd from the star wars saga
lucasfilm is dead
lucasfilm is the owner of the star wars property
lucasfilm is sending to hundreds of internet service providers is rekindling debate about who is responsible for policing copyright infringement
lucasfilm is suing the
lucasfilm is pretending to believe in an > >overbroad interpretation of the dmca for the purpose of frightening a lot > >of isps and other service
lucasfilm is pretending to believe in an >overbroad interpretation of the dmca for the purpose of frightening a lot >of isps and other service providers
lucasfilm is the thx crossover which blends the horn drivers used for high/mid frequencies and sub
lucasfilm is honored to announce the north american release of the ewok dvd collector's box set
lucasfilm is laughing this time
lucasfilm is keeping busy with licensing
lucasfilm is dragging their feet on reporting who has been cast for the prequel
lucasfilm is still referring to the prequel as star wars
lucasfilm is sending to hundreds of internet service providers
lucasfilm is one company that has always strictly protected their copyrights
lucasfilm is coy as always
lucasfilm is looking for business as well
lucasfilm is the owner
lucasfilm is apparently not going to let paramount know what the indy film is going
lucasfilm is also planning to market a 10 minute ''sneak peek'' of ''episode ii'' on videocassette
lucasfilm is the company that sets out to ensure that the standard of sound quality in films is maintained
lucasfilm is one of the most successful independent production companies in the history of cinema
lucasfilm is very
lucasfilm is correct
lucasfilm is the exclusive owner of all relevant rights in and to the star wars films
lucasfilm is pushing anyway
lucasfilm is a private company and doesn't reveal revenue or expenses
lucasfilm is not only a company that makes computergames
lucasfilm is refuting reports that had george lucas is seeking a more culturally
lucasfilm is suing rap
lucasfilm is seeking a more culturally diverse cast for the next star wars episode
lucasfilm is trimming its $300 million project
lucasfilm is not the guy who showed harry the film
lucasfilm is putting into the special editions would be better spent on allowing independent filmmakers to do their own versions of sw
lucasfilm is also trying to produce a better movie than the phantom menace
lucasfilm is based and where much of the action is taking place currently
lucasfilm is doing right 11/05/98
lucasfilm is excited about the star wars fan film awards
lucasfilm is giving the rpg
lucasfilm is calling it "the first major motion picture captured and created directly from the digital source
lucasfilm is building a number of audio signal processors the architecture of which reflects the special problems of
lucasfilm is looking at
lucasfilm is very secretive about their adresses
lucasfilm is sending guidance to the theaters that should also help things along
lucasfilm is entering the video game industry
lucasfilm is the speaker
lucasfilm is taking a different approach
lucasfilm is too busy with episode 1 to work on any sort of negotiations
lucasfilm is sitting in a chair right now going "so you're telling me i wasted four years of my life creating 600 hours of film and you're goinna
lucasfilm is planning to
lucasfilm is in no way associated with federation supply base
lucasfilm is returning to the area to film location scenes for episode 2
lucasfilm is not the only company to cultivate an online fan base
lucasfilm is generally willing to play along
lucasfilm is
lucasfilm is attempting to enslave our people

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