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Googlism comments

megret is far more subtle and
megret is a classic french technocratic insider
megret is betting that his smoother style will make him more palatable than le pen
megret is 21 years younger than the 70
megret is also standing in the election
megret is schijnbaar beschaafder in de hoop hen te overtuigen die terugschrikken van de vulgariteiten van le pen maar voor de rest zijn
megret is another matter
megret is the chief strategist and no
megret is expected to reduce support for the national front
megret is an advocate of forming coalitions with mainstream rightist parties to win power
megret is now the evil
megret is opgeleid door grece
megret is a bit more reserved
megret is smooth and highly educated
megret is a bona fide neo
megret is a graduate of the ecole polytechnique
megret is convinced that for the front to gain political power
megret is ook te laat
megret is not only herself a member of the right
megret is considering forming his own slate for european parliament elections next june
megret is thinking big as he bids to seize control of france's far
megret is a graduate of the harvard business school and wants to turn the extreme french right into a respectable party like
megret is planning to do whatever it takes to keep his party alive on the off chance that le pen would just drop out of the picture
megret is the symbol of women of her class
megret is out to
megret is a french presidential candidate
megret is even more extremist than le pen
megret is one of >four national front mayors in france
megret is right if she says races have genetic differences
megret is elected mayor of vitrolles
megret is now known as forget
megret is only attracting two per cent support in the polls
megret is backing le pen
megret is responsible for bringing many of the big
megret is so confident in the show's family atmosphere he's flying his 6
megret is a quieter man who prefers working behind the scenes to enflaming
megret is a member of the national front

Nickname megret

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