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Googlism comments

miga issues guarantees in bosnia and herzegovina
miga is gradually shifting its emphasis to small and medium sized
miga is being brought in at the last minute because aes
miga is also supporting the mozal "mega" project
miga is led in its mission by four guiding principles
miga is created in 1988 to improve people's lives and reduce poverty
miga is providing guarantee coverage against the risk of war and civil disturbance for the new production facility
miga is very well
miga is to promote foreign direct investment
miga is providing these links only as a convenience
miga is also cooperating with outward investment promotion organizations in the industrialized economies and other countries with significant fdi outflows to
miga is not liable for any conduct of any user
miga is an arm of the world bank and was established in 1988 to provide political risk insurance to private corporations and banks investing in developing
miga is as honest as he seems
miga is an international development organization created under world bank auspices to encourage increased private direct investment in the developing world
miga is to encourage the flow of investments for productive purposes among member countries
miga is the agency that provides political risk coverage to private investors who are attracted by business opportunities in africa but are concerned about
miga is standing now and so am i
miga is deserving of his chance at popular acceptance and stardom
miga is launching a technical assistance program for vietnam's investment promotion agency
miga is the insurer
miga is unable to insure debt
miga is arguably the most blatantly corporate
miga is especially popular with foreign banks that have subsidiaries in russia
miga is a financially prudent underwriter
miga is part of the world bank group and promotes private foreign direct investments in its member countries
miga is through a unique methodology
miga is involved in two of indonesia's most controversial cases
miga is willing to cooperate with both public and private political risk insurers by entering into coinsurance and reinsurance arrangements for joint coverage
miga is owned by its member governments
miga is able to bring its country and sectoral expertise to bear and work with the client to refine
miga is to be
miga is also an entity separate from the world bank
miga is an area where the right and the left agree
miga is member of the world bank group and it works with the backing of public capital
miga is managing a review of the impact and implementation of the environment and social safeguard
miga is a registered trademark of micro galaxy international co
miga is multilateral investment guarantee agency of the world bank group to encourage the flow of foreign direct investment
miga is a nice story
miga is part of the world bank group and provides similar investment guarantee services to singapore companies investing overseas
miga is in his
miga is criticized for its portfolio of environmentally disastrous
miga is a member of the world bank group
miga is excited about the more diverse offensive plan
miga is providing an $8 million guarantee for a new investment in a gsm
miga is a member of the world bank group with a mandate to promote private foreign direct investment into our developing member countries through the provision
miga is closely watching the development of the economic and investment situation and will be ready to increase its presence when conditions improve
miga is rapidly approaching the limits of its financial capacity
miga is working closely with the rest of the world bank group to formulate an integrated approach to private sector development
miga is id 384
miga is now considering extending a further guarantee for bujagali
miga is a world bank agency
miga is guaranteed to get its money back
miga is that they
miga is better positioned
miga is not responsible for any content that is being provided by others
miga is mogelijk voor projecten tot 200 mln usd
miga is to enhance the flow to developing countries of capital and technology for
miga is evaluating but
miga is het bevorderen van investeringen in ontwikkelingslanden en het aanmoedigen van investeringen tussen ontwikkelingslanden onderling door
miga is now focusing more on creating a positive climate for private investment and sustained growth
miga is the multilateral investment guarantee agency of the world bank group to encourage the flow of foreign direct investment
miga is accused of merely providing corporate welfare it has given millions of dollars in insurance to massive mines
miga is een onderdeel van de wereldbank
miga is
miga is a pediatric cardiologist in dallas who has a son with autism
miga is an independent self
miga is an independent agency of the world bank mandated to help facilitate increased flows of foreign direct investment to developing countries
miga is an arm of the world bank that provides political risk insurance for example to companies that are worried that their assets may be seized by local
miga is not responsible for any liability arising out of content provided by licensee or a third party that is accessed through the product and/or any material
miga is not legally obliged to pay compensation on a claim against its insurance if it can prove that the investor did not comply with the laws of
miga is required by its convention to restrict eligibility for its guarantee programme to countries that meet international law standards of fair and equitable
miga is a world bank program providing political risk insurance and investment guarantees to corporations and banks
miga is a true fixture here in chicago's acoustic
miga is back
miga is volgens allen
miga is not included
miga is the performer of the
miga is collaborating with national privatization agencies as well as privatization experts in the private sector and finance units of the world bank's europe

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