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Miti: Is the coolest name in the Planet. Its positively right!

Googlism comments

miti is deeply involved in international cooperation and joint research programs and provides support for international standards groups
miti is also a sponsor of oitda
miti is focused on providing tools for data and metadata movement solutions
miti is the most senior career position at miti with responsibilities on matters
miti is divided into six
miti is sub
miti is promoting the goals of vitality and increased efficiency in domestic industries through uniform intercorporate information exchange and joint ownership
miti is leading a variety of practice runs and experimental projects across a broad range of disciplines including computer manufacturers
miti is a state
miti is connected to the internet via qwest
miti is a collaboration of the university of massachusetts
miti is a 120
miti is considering revising regulations concerning the japan petroleum development organization
miti is busy preparing a five year plan for the oil industry
miti is promoting informatization of various administrative application forms and data storage
miti is a fairly typical ugandan youth
miti is likely to continue its support in any form after the current project ends is an issue that many people in the mems community may find
miti is also studying another computer proposal although plans are far from complete
miti is required during segmentation and
miti is committed to provide efficient services to its clients
miti is responsible for japan's growth is miti and the japanese miracle
miti is establishing a data policy on the earth observation data
miti is endeavoring to better understand domestic and international trends and to formulate and implement positive and flexible policies for
miti is undertaking comprehensive economic cooperation through assistance
miti is interested in entering the potentially high
miti is proud to announce its entry into the market and the introduction of its miti
miti is gekomen
miti is organized into eleven bureaus plus some external agencies
miti is right
miti is safire's priority
miti is capable of presenting comprehensive programs in a wide range of other fields as well
miti is pleased to join with the university of missouri' s college of education to offer special programs for chinese educators and education officials
miti is promoting ec in local areas for small
miti is occurring in japan just as us funding agencies are reevaluating their own missions
miti is engaging in a new super compiler technology project aimed at providing supercomputers with parallel compilers by the year 2010
miti is the pioneer
miti is grid like
miti is required
miti is a member of the unica alliance program
miti is recruiting bilingual agents with it training and excellent customer service and communications skills
miti is recruiting bilingual
miti is expected to invite companies and groups doing research in japan to also join in
miti is in the process of putting together a partner's development council for sqr
miti is pinning its hope on the project to create new industries and jobs
miti is capitalizing on this opportunity by implementing systems with local partners and by constructing the necessary telecommunications services to provide a
miti is one of the 8 regional bureaus established by miti
miti is a high speed
miti is determined to invest greater effort and funds into the development of information
miti is largely concerned with the implementation of industrial policy
miti is promoting the development of the "brain" of regional industries which include science research laboratories
miti is to facilitate this change by pushing for new laws that make change possible
miti is a research association comprising the following members
miti is dealing with its own "attempted coup d'etat
miti is convinced e
miti is responsible for establishing future industries
miti is responsible for the observation equipment
miti is funding core research that promises to develop new technologies
miti is focused on providing tools for data and meta data movement solutions
miti is not
miti is made up of several divisions
miti is responsible for supervising the
miti is currently reviewing the incentives to make malaysia more competitive
miti is the organization that sponsored japan's work on "new
miti is een varkensboer die zijn laatste dag doorbrengt voordat hij voor twee jaar verplicht in dienst moet
miti is to build a framework of analysis that enables managers to understand the challenges of international trade and investment and to master
miti is interested in the
miti is one of only eight qualified members of the institute of translation and interpreting in the uk offering dutch or flemish as a
miti is closely cooperating with both of these organizations in order to continuously promote the wide
miti is helping us take our marketing programs to the next level by providing next
miti is 31 january 2002
miti is considering and discussing future energy policies in the competitive market
miti is responsible for
miti is encouraging moves to ensure that investments yielding positive returns should be repatriated to malaysia and the government
miti is japanese ministry
miti is based in rome
miti is doing on "inverse manufacturing
miti is pouring around ~70 billion a year into research and development of
miti is a cisco networking local academy and offers cisco networking academy certification short courses

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