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Googlism comments

nemmy is mine
nemmy is mysterious and ya gotta ask
nemmy is haar mentor die ze elke dag volbonkt
nemmy is running better than ever
nemmy is there again
nemmy is a tyrent made spicificly to kill al stars members
nemmy is the biggest baddest ass
nemmy is gonna come out and also think nemesis will be the
nemmy is virtually impossible
nemmy is my friend <3
nemmy is
nemmy is in mutated form
nemmy is cool
nemmy is so cute
nemmy is back *g
nemmy is the one to ask
nemmy is ranked 19 and has played for 4h36m in 14 days
nemmy is ranked 74 and has played for 1h3m in 32 days real name
nemmy is ez to kill if u run behind him n stab him

Nickname nemmy

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