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Googlism comments

nir is ready
nir is one if six american high school students to qualify for a math competiotion in south korea
nir is one of six american students to qualify for a math competition in south korea
nir is the near
nir is an excellent way for teachers to make their courses current and more relevant to today's students
nir is currently taking its "midwestern work ethics" throughout the country
nir is a high
nir is ideally suited for detection of telecommunication laser radiation
nir is ideal for quick and reliable raw material identification while also being a powerful analysis tool capable of accurate multi
nir is used to answer questions such as
nir is installed in many sites around the world covering sensitive sites such as army bases
nir is shipped with ocean optics ooibase32? operating software
nir is the best engineer that i have ever worked with
nir is capable to handle many system types and technologies
nir is displayed on the approval required tab
nir is resubmitted to the appropriate authorities for approval
nir is also used to monitor the status of a production process
nir is used to check the authenticy and purity of raw materials
nir is an independent e
nir is an independent strategist and brain
nir is a further development of the embcon 14 and is designed especially for the
nir is used for ingaas pda based sensors
nir is specializing in the marketing
nir is a great tool for analysing samples
nir is also involved in
nir is the author of the lost childhood
nir is the direct of practice e
nir is any nir waveband
nir is a hugely popular venue for motor racing fans hosting regular events for the brisca formula 1 and
nir is a hugely popular venue for motor racing fans hosting regular events for the brisca formula 1 and formula 2 stock cars
nir is a form of vibrational spectroscopy that is particularly sensitive to the presence of molecules containing ch
nir is difficult since the concentration of starch is so low
nir is available
nir is an homodimer of two 60 kda subunits
nir is a very effective and useful method for classification of sake based on quality as shown by our preliminary tests
nir is a key enzyme in the denitrification pathway and redox partner of azurins in the denitrifying bacteria
nir is a nifty tool also used for determining fatty acid composition in vegetable oils and oil content in seeds
nir is also working on a draft of his docs for the upgrade
nir is an ideally suited spectroscopic technique for process measurements because of its ability to rapidly perform remote measurements via high efficiency
nir is the only enzyme to reduce nitrite to ammonia in plants
nir is troubled
nir is most commonly used for identity and assay of raw materials
nir is one of my best and oldest friends
nir is very tall
nir is calculated for potential radiation
nir is trying to document some of our current strategies
nir is rather insensitive
nir is really blind
nir is coherently linked to the visible and the ultraviolet
nir is an excellent qc tool for cottonfinishing operations
nir is highly reflected
nir is a indirect correlation to the amount of cellulose present in corn
nir is within the reflective portion of the spectrum and can be recorded photographically
nir is
nir is effective
nir is unchanged today
nir is the sole provider of rail passenger services in northern ireland
nir is recognized as an affective region to apply process spectroscopy concepts even though absorption "fingerprints" are less distinctive than in the mid ir
nir is the one near ir camera on the market today that produces stable beam measurements
nir is the derivation of accurate and stable calibrations
nir is based on sensor posts
nir is still under discussion
nir is one of the most sensitive pieces of social data in europe
nir is not asking the ua techniques to forbid the function of _new but rather since _blank triggers the same function
nir is used for
nir is cost effective because multiple properties can be simultaneously measured using a single spectrum
nir is survived by his parents
nir is the wavelength region 800
nir is a graduate of the faculty of architecture and town planning at the techion
nir is increasingly doing just that
nir is a widely recognised technique for identification and verification of compounds
nir is a compact
nir is called the normalized difference vegetation
nir is chartered to increase the useful base of information about networked information retrieval tools
nir is also used in color infrared photographs
nir is an all
nir is appropriate for fast accurate nutritional analyses of individual forages
nir is also used for process control
nir is a smart fast
nir is a graduate of the faculty of agricultural of the hebrew university of jerusalem
nir is similar to the visible
nir is optimized for spectroradiometric measurements over the wavelength range of 800 to 1600 nm
nir is depending on the
nir is a very powerful technique

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