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Googlism comments

nus is in 1995 begonnen met platen verzamelen
nus is the largest student organisation in the world
nus is out of the office
nus is the collective body of the student movement that is organized to
nus is exciting and challenging
nus is agreeable to in
nus is a federal organisation made up of student unions
nus is partnering ivy league university of pennsylvania
nus is creating a stir on the international front
nus is a training ground for politicians
nus is the one point of commonality for 3
nus is much more than one spokesperson
nus is the 4th university in the region and yet the staff does not really understand something very fundamental
nus is like for a gay
nus is conscious that some students may see a bit of dutch courage as the best way to combat
nus is building a programme of activity and action to coincide with the government's schedule
nus is an organization working on aids issue among the youth in bangladesh since 1992
nus is a voluntary membership organisation comprising a confederation of local student representative organisations in colleges and universities throughout the
nus is
nus is just a completely waste of space
nus is silly enough to offer to cushion possible losses
nus is strongly in favor of such politics
nus is to leverage on the distinctive and complementary strengths of its constituent campuses
nus is laying the foundations for a global knowledge enterprise steeped in academic and
nus is a crucial organization
nus is ranked 11th and 13th in the world
nus is not well known
nus is both big and can legitimately claim to be the national voice of students in the uk
nus is eager to get international students involved and develop strategies and policies that appeal to international students
nus is a new jersey
nus is affiliated with canadian nursing students' association
nus is a leading asian university that strives to be one of the best academic establishments in the world
nus is working with solidworks’ reseller
nus is it anyway? if nus doesn't represent students then it is useless
nus is generally recognised as the national voice of uk students
nus is a regional leader
nus is a content management system java
nus is becoming defunct as a means of identification
nus is glad of this opportunity to host such a conference
nus is registered to this list
nus is the first university in the region to issue all staff and students with a personalised cash card which provides access to facilities such as
nus is a comprehensive university with faculties of law and medicine
nus is a research
nus is still controlled by labour
nus is at a cross roads; students working longer hours; more students below the poverty line; soaring costs of accommodation
nus is demanding national grading standards to avoid a repetition of the row
nus is the national union of students
nus is no stranger to broadband technology
nus is appalled that
nus is able to receive specialist lectures form distinguished
nus is entitled to submit motions to the conference
nus is a product of this consolidation and evolution of the environmental industry
nus is to provide the environment and the means for knowledge to grow
nus is in line with the best international practice
nus is the general undergraduate degree course in architecture
nus is dominated by labour students and this diminishes the ability to address student issues in an impartial
nus is the only tertiary institution in singapore offering degrees in chemical engineering
nus is a half giant who looks pretty normal
nus is studying the possibility of starting such a school
nus is found wanting
nus is not very convincing
nus is potentially eligible for the scholars programme
nus is appalled that a government who claims its number one priority is education is
nus is not intended for students who wish to focus
nus is a policy development and service
nus is internationally acknowledged as one of the finest universities in the asia pacific region
nus is presently facing a crisis
nus is het landelijke vertegenwoordiging van alle 'student unions' in engeland
nus is currently ranked 4th worldwide
nus is not
nus is the national representative body for students within the united kingdom
nus is more democratic than most
nus is a good idea
nus is another initiative to enhance the sense of community and belonging amongst good neighbours and creating a work
nus is an equal opportunity employer
nus is internationally recognized as one of the best universities in the region
nus is amazed to learn they are considering commercial interest rate student loans
nus is a confederation of student unions
nus is a union which is here for you and we hope that you make the most of it
nus is a national organisation representing all affiliated organisations within further and higher education
nus is holding a week of action for he from monday 26 february through to friday 2 march

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