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Googlism comments

obese is unhealthy
obese is bad for the country
obese is a normal response to the american environment
obese is to ask your doctor to plot your child's height and weight on a growth chart to make sure she is growing
obese is a growing health problem in the united states
obese is set to
obese is different from being overweight
obese is established early in the lifecycle
obese is 80 percent higher than the proportion of men who are obese
obese is becoming a big part of medicine
obese is a health issue
obese is our western culture's bias against obesity
obese is shorter than
obese is not a lifestyle choice
obese is what i am
obese is defined as 30 or more pounds over a healthy body weight; overweight is determined by a formula that uses height and weight
obese is relatively benign compared to visceral fat
obese is the name pork chops are the game halloween freestyle from this fat ass mc beat yo butt with no questions like lapd mds are amazed at the fields i
obese is complicated by a number of factors
obese is the single
obese is 80%
obese is 50 to 100 percent above normal
obese is considered to be suffering from obesity
obese is more than a cosmetic concern
obese is defined as 30 or more pounds over a healthy body weight; overweight is roughly 10 to 30 pounds over a healthy weight
obese is increasing dramatically in western
obese is a very worrying trend
obese is to measure your body mass index or bmi
obese is the worst thing that can happen to a person; 24 percent of nurses said
obese is not a pretty word
obese is not a cosmetic issue
obese is like aging from 30 to
obese is like aging from 30 to 50
obese is a stronger risk factor than inactivity for
obese is more complicated than simply measuring a person's weight
obese is based on averaging data derived from brazil
obese is rising rapidly throughout the world
obese is greatest among children who have two obese parents
obese is higher if the
obese is
obese is not
obese is not lost on bernfield
obese is such a strong word
obese is because they don't do enough exercise and they are eating too much convenient fatty foods
obese is only 7% and if one parent is obese it is 40%
obese is defined as a bmi of 30 or more
obese is important
obese is associated with health problems such as heart disease and stroke
obese is going to claw
obese is based on body mass index
obese is actually of survival value
obese is determined by a calculation of body mass index
obese is perfectly legal and seems particularly cruel in the city ranked by a fitness magazine three years ago as the fattest in
obese is by feeling the ribs
obese is not a simple question of how quickly the body burns calories
obese is the use of growth charts
obese is the last bastion of acceptable discrimination
obese is high
obese is that they are eating more calories than they burn off
obese is more than 50 percent; 70 to 80 percent of obese teens will be obese adults
obese is often genetically inherited
obese is about 20 to 30 percent
obese is on the increase
obese is connected to because
obese is very common in our society
obese is one of the major health hazards of today's world
obese is used for someone who is very overweight
obese is like being 20 years older than what you really are
obese is climbing
obese is not simply a matter of body weight but of the relationship between body weight and height
obese is that they've
obese is simply not healthy
obese is ______
obese is to take her to the veterinarian
obese is an issue of concern
obese is twice that of adolescents from middle
obese is greatest for children who have two obese parents

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