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Googlism comments

osmium is stiffer than diamond
osmium is forever
osmium is pronounced as oz
osmium is complex as the metal occurs in ores mixed with other metals such as ruthenium
osmium is largely immune to atmospheric attack
osmium is slightly more dense than iridium
osmium is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol os and atomic number 76
osmium is about 22
osmium is used to make fountain
osmium is their favorite chemical element
osmium is a metallic element that has the atomic number 76
osmium is an extremely hard brittle lustrous metal
osmium is a very hard
osmium is usually found in the company of natural platinum
osmium is found in the mineral iridosmine
osmium is a precious metal and is therefore subject to price fluctuations depending on the world market price of osmium
osmium is 76
osmium is a member of the platinum group of metals and is commonly found in conjunction with these elements
osmium is believed to occur in relatively high concentrations in the earth's core some 1
osmium is stiffer than
osmium is an iron
osmium is used in making high quality pen nibs
osmium is lustrous
osmium is rarely found on the surface
osmium is slightly more dense than iriditim
osmium is still alive and well
osmium is the densest substance known and the hardest of all platinum group metals
osmium is the densest naturally occurring element
osmium is kind of
osmium is a blue
osmium is so different from other materials with high bulk modulus
osmium is een scheikundig element met symbool os en atoomnummer 76
osmium is exposed to air it releases little amounts of a poisonous odor
osmium is a metal that has a lustrous bluish white color
osmium is a compatible element while rhenium is strongly incompatible
osmium is a solid at standard room temperature
osmium is the 76th element
osmium is bluish
osmium is the heaviest element and has many important uses ranging from fountain pen tips to precision electrical contacts
osmium is borne out
osmium is formed via the decay of two radioactive ele
osmium is usually present in such materials at low concentration
osmium is obtained from the same ores as platinum
osmium is usually used and this makes it difficult to visualize membranes or to protect against membrane extraction
osmium is attacked by fused alkalies
osmium is considered poisonous and should be handled with caution
osmium is released in the form of osmium trioxide
osmium is element number 76 on the periodic table of elements
osmium is the densest known element
osmium is
osmium is used in ball pens
osmium is generally credited with being the densest of the elements at 22
osmium is a relatively heavy metal with a hexagonal structure
osmium is the densest naturally occurring platinum group element
osmium is recovered in a similar fashion
osmium is a rare element that does not occur in nature
osmium is a very heavy and dense refractory transition metal
osmium is generally considered the most dense element
osmium is named after the greek word
osmium is the name of a heavy metal like lead
osmium is quite high compared with pt or pd
osmium is less compressible than diamond h
osmium is the data editor library
osmium is a metal of the platinum group
osmium is generally considered to behave as a highly compatible element
osmium is a softer metal that is used with gallium arsenide wafers or whenever contact resistance is suspected to be a problem
osmium is to be dissolved
osmium is retained in tissue at sites other than unsaturated bonds of lipids
osmium is available on the visual elements site
osmium is a very hard and dense
osmium is fastest to oxidize
osmium is a very heavy element
osmium is one of the worlds most expensive elements
osmium is avoided tissue shrinkage can be a problem and tissue taken from fixative to 70% ethanol and then straight into lr white may show shrinkage
osmium is the heaviest of
osmium is a high quality stallion of great natural ability
osmium is a bluish
osmium is found in the same ores as platinum
osmium is fully reacted with the milk the soiled area should be wrapped up

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